Cafe Collage Under New Management


Last May Cafe Collage, located on T Street just east of St. Ex, had reopened to mixed reviews. It is a great spot that seems would work well for a cafe. I spotted a new sign that says they are under new management with a new menu. Anyone check them out yet? Any fans of this spot at all?

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  • i have been there once. it was awesome. i have yet to return though but will check it out soon and compare. (i just recently moved to the opposite corner of this block)

  • I live across the street, but I’ve never been in. I’ll give it a shot today.

  • its always been kind of empty and a bit slow… good ethiopian coffee though.

  • It’s too bad that this place is kind of slow, business-wise, because it’s really quite good.

    I came in on a Sunday, opened the door to see a haze like smoke in the air. It was a very nice woman, shaking around hot a pan of roasting Ethiopian coffee beans. I looked over to see that she had been roasting beans on a burner at the front window. She was really welcoming, told me about the beans, and asked me what I wanted right away.

    She told me they had a new menu, I looked at it and ordered a egg and cheese croissant. A minute later, after she motioned me to a seat, I heard her whisking eggs in a pan. She asked me what cheese I wanted, and brought me a great swiss cheese egg croissant a few minutes later. Oh and a younger guy made me a pretty sweet mocha.

    She mentioned that the new owners took over after the previous owner sold when his partner decided to stop working. She told me to tell all my friends the place was ready for business, open early and late, and had that new menu. So I got on the free wifi at the place and wrote this comment.

    So – if you’re just looking for a chill coffee place with wifi (esp. now that Mocha Hut is closed) or Saint-Ex is full up for brunch, stop in. It’s nice!

  • The new owner has been doing a good job trying to build bridges with homeowner neighbors. I’ve not been in yet, but plan to when the schedule avails.

  • Come here!

    It’s a great place to study, lounge, etc… spiced chai tea and tabouleh are amazing.

    Busboys and tryst are overcrowded and annoying, face it. This is a great little haven at 14 and T.

  • I love this place. It’s one of those rare, unpretentious, small-business coffee shops that does all of the important things right. Classical music. Fantastic coffee. Great lunch menu. Affordable. And owned and run by a really friendly, hard working woman.

    Keep it in business!

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