In Defense of Big Buck Hunter by Robyn

Big Buck Hunter video game, originally uploaded by susansimon.


A friend came into town, and we were planning where to grab drinks.

Me: Red derby?

Him: Nah…no Big Buck Hunter there.

Me: Somewhere on H Street?

Him: I don’t think they have Big Buck Hunter around there, either.

Me: So, you only want to go to a bar where you can shoot at Bambi’s parents?

Him: Exactly.

Why has Big Buck Hunter become trendy? Personally, I wasn’t a fan, primarily because I suck at any and all video games. My Tetris pieces have died a cruel death being crushed against each other. Every time Mrs. Pac Man ventured into her maze, she was gobbled by ghosts/blobs/amoebas (whatever those gelatinous villains are). And poor Luigi always got confused and go the wrong way on his go-cart, then shamefully scooted into last place 15 minutes after everyone else. When Big Buck Hunter reemerged on the bar scene, I did not want another video game infiltrating my life, especially at a bar when I just want to shoot the shit, not deer. But, late one night I decided to give it a go, and even though the digital deer were almost as cute as the real ones, I really liked killing them. Even though my success rate was 1 deer out of every dozen, it was undeniably fun. While I still don’t understand why the hunting game has become the cool thing, I’ll defend it. I just wish I didn’t suck at it so much.

Where can you find BBH in DC? All I know is the one at the Big Hunt. The irony.

Ed. Note: I’m a huge Big Buck Hunter fan and know for sure there is one at Solly’s at 11th and U. But I’d like to add a question to this In Defense of – do you think there should be video games in bars? Or do you think the only diversion in bars should be a juke box or maybe pool table? I think of two types of bars – Solly’s and the Saloon. Both are fun but very different. Saloon has a no standing rule and certainly no video games (though they do have board games). What is your preferred bar experience?

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  • Rocket Bar in Gallery Place has Big Buck Hunter (and Golden Tee…the two usually appear together at bars…)

  • Buffalo Billiards has Bunk Hunter also. And regarding your note–I like both types. I love both Solly’s and the Saloon and where I go totally depends on my mood and who I’m with.

  • One word: foosball

  • Rock n Roll Hotel on H st. has Big Buck Hunter, Asylum in adams morgan has BBH, The Big Hunt in Dupont Circle has BBH, Pharmacy Bar in adams morgan has BBH, and I know I’m missing several others… these are just the ones that come to mind.

  • Duffy’s, vermont ave above U Street

  • They have it at the Pharmacy bar, too

  • Big Buck Hunter is fine. I haven’t played it since college, but I can see the gun interface being fun for a small group.

    What I hate, hate, hate is the Golden Tee douches who take a running start and smack the ball as hard as they can. Every few minutes is a massive thwomp, like the fucking thing fell over.

    I wonder how many hands and screens have accidentally been broken over the years.

    Moral: Don’t be a Golden Tee douche.

  • Brew Dude is wise.

  • Recessions also has the Hunter.

    I for one don’t mind video games in bars. Bars should totally have stuff to do. My personal favorite is board games, ala Rocket and Derby. Yes, I do crave some Connect-4.

  • all I know is that more bars should have Photo Hunt. that game is crazy addictive (especially the erotic version).

  • pharmacy bar in admo has safari big buck hunter. it’s a great game for bars because it involves multiple people and is fun to watch and yell while other people are huntin’. video games in bars in general can go either way. if they get people involved then it’s great.

  • I for one fucking love buck hunter. I used to live in bethesda, and we would play buckhunter almost daily, to the point that my roommate and my’s three letter names (USA and LSD) held a number of high scores. I think it’s rapidly becoming as casual and widespread a bar/drinking style game as pool, shuffleboard or darts. Or maybe i’m just a nerd. but yeah, buck hunter rules. and i’ve never really been that into video games…there’s just something oddly satisfying with shooting all three bucks and all the critters…and i’m not a real life hunter. I’d probably cry if i shot a buck in real life.

  • Garrett’s in Georgetown has BBH.

  • And when I tell people there’s a generation gap they don’t believe me.

    I could not imagine playing a videogame in a bar, it’s too Dave and Busters suburbia for me.

  • doesn’t irish times have buck hunter? or something similar? me, i prefer a sloshed game of darts for my drunken, goal-oriented violence. you can actually do some damage with those fuckers.

    but . . . i enjoy a quieter, no-diversions bar too. just depends on who i’m with and what i’m looking for.

  • The Townhouse Tavern on R St. in Dupont has it. I used the guns as a prop in a 3AM drunken dance off once.

  • @hoodrat – I don’t think irish times has it although it does have club swerve.

  • @hoodrat, it does have it. In the little back area on the first floor, next to the ATM.

  • @Neener, what generation are you part of? If you are implying that you don’t understand these crazy kids, I call BS. Video games in bars is completely retro — that’s where you found them before places like D&B’s ever existed. The table-top Pac Man machine at Wonderland sure wasn’t designed for an arcade.

  • @ hoodrat, kalia – I stand corrected, one more reason to go to the times.

  • Oh – my personal take on video games in bars – I have no problem with them, and doubly so for pinball machines. Are they any more anti-social than darts and pool?

    What I do NOT like is lots of TVs in bars. Unless it’s a sports bar and that’s the whole point, televisions make all the patrons into zombies. Why go to a bar to watch bad tv and not talk to people, when you can do that at home and drink for much cheaper?

  • I love the naked lady/man Photo Hunt. So awesome on a Saturday night at the bar when you can’t believe you are at the bar after rallying on Friday night…

  • Greene Turtle next to MCI Center has BBH. And photo search.

  • i hate buck hunter. its cruel to animals and promotes needless killing of beautiful creatures.

    i used to have respect for some of you before you said you liked buck hunter.

    if you want more information on my quest to spread knowledge about this cruel “game” then go to my site i am setting up.

    thanks. and remember… deer are not targets!

  • @NateG — uh, cruelty to animals? Just last week I could swear that you wrote this: “well… i do have a problem with vegans. try some meat guys! its really good!”

    Hmmm. I think if you read Fast Food Nation or if you study up on the way meat transitions from being alive to your plate you would either — not encourage vegans to eat meat OR you would not make comments about cruelty to animals. Let’s cut the bullsh*t.

  • Buck Hunter would be better if they made you virtually gut, bleed and quarter what you kill.

  • Jamie,

    I was legally able to drink in DC in 1986- that was 18 back then.

    The Ms Pacman table was usually a teenage pizza place fixture.

    I played pool and foosball in bars and ocasionally pinball, but not videogames because they were too reminiscent of the less successful parts of teenagerhood.

    Same reason I will never watch the Lord of the Rings movie. Who wants to relive those wedgies?

  • More Centipede, please.

  • jd — i am a very complicated guy! most people don’t understand me.

    also. try growing a sense of humor… it helps.

  • I have not yet played BBH in DC… but I remember that my friend and I did a tour of Manhattan bars one night, playing one game of BBH in each and then moving on. That was a longggggg night….

  • I am a big fan of having something to play while at a bar, whether it is BBH, pool, foosball, or darts. By the way, Duffy’s has all of the above.

  • You know something Robyn, this been a long time since I write back to you but Big Buck Hunter never fail to get my blood pumping. First of, I did not shoot a big gun for so long!! When I little, my grandfather take me shooting in the alley with a small gun and I never forget how it feel to shoot a dog. So much fun! Because you don’t know how it really feel, you just see how they move after they get shoot. But my girlfriend told me how mean that was, so now I get a thrill with Big Buck Hunter. It don’t hurt nobody and it don’t make me and my uncle go to jail no more. I want to play with you and show you the right way to make aim. I always get perfect win!

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