Beautifying A Chain Link Fence

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I remember back in the day, some folks were really opposed to chain link fences. I saw this one in Mt. P. They were adding bamboo to the front to cover the chain link. Dig it?

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  • Hell yes. This reminds me of my trip to Beiging for the Olympics. Oh shootz, I wasn’t in China during the Olympics, I was on PCP, my bad!

  • I’m with NateG. Ugh. ‘A’ for effort, though.

  • while i’m no fan of chain link fences, this bamboo one is tacky beyond belief. why not use plantings/vines as a way to disguise the fence?

  • It looks terrible. This is the equivalent of getting a zit and than wearing a veil to cover it up.

    The chain link still looks bad and now you know that the owner is self-conscious about it which makes it even worse.

  • Mixed reaction – plantings don’t always work, they take years and are hideous in the winter; the colors of the bamboo are pretty. Better for the back yard, though. I was thinking of doing the same thing with corn stalks since they are tall – more privacy – but in the back yard.

  • Awful. Why not just rip the fence out entirely? That woudl look a lot better …

  • I like bamboo in the backyard, but not the front. I really don’t get the ugly front yard fences. It would look so much better without a fence at all! Plant a few prickly shrubs if you’re worried about the neighborhood kids trampling your annuals or whatever.

  • Bamboo is invasive and aggressive. While you may like it, your neighbors three doors down may not be thrilled when it sprouts in their yard.

  • I like it alot better than a plain chain link fence — and I’m going to assume that they have a fence because they have a dog (or maybe a small child that they don’t want to wander away?)

  • A small child? Whaaaaat? That’s all the more reason to not have a fence. That’s how I got rid of my first two chil’ren.

  • I recognize the spirit in which it is done but I don’t think it is a good look at all. Ie, a nice try, nothing else.

    anon 9:56, fences are key I find. Unless you want your neighbors letting their dogs use your lawn as a toilet, unless you want the area kids running through all the time, unless you want your porch used as a stash spot or drinking venue but the local thugs, etc etc etc. Good fences = good neighbors.

  • Cool as a mofo!

  • I guess I would do it and I could not spring for a wood fence and found some real cheap bamboo. Better than looking at the ugly ass chain link.

    I once read that there was a practicle reason for the chain link here in the hood. Someting about thugs not being able to hide. Anyone know anything about that? I want to get rid of my own ugly ass chain link.

  • i don’t hate it but it definitely looks awkward. maybe if there were actually bamboo trees around it would work.

  • Love it. Anything looks better than a chain metal fence.

  • I’m a chain link hater for residential areas. Other than removing the chain link, I guess the bamboo could be an economical solution to hide it. But I don’t care for the bamboo look either, and it’s definitely out of character with the home.

    “Something about thugs not being able to hide.” Sounds like an urban myth to me. Chain link installation was prevalent across America in the 50s and 60s, no thugs needed.

  • DCDave05 – I swear I read something like that on PoP or some other DC page. I vaguely recall the discussion being about replacing chain link with privacy and someone wrote in that it was a security risk. I not saying I buy it in the least. Was just wonding if anyone else had ever heard that sort of thing.

  • saf

    I would never say not to replace chain link with prettier, but is my strongly held opinion that privacy fencing is dangerous. You can’t see the alley, you can’t see the street, you can’t see…. anything.

  • i like it actually, but it needs to be finished all the way around. why not camp it up with some tikis and pink flamingos.

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