America’s Next Top Model Audition Madness

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Wow. I was walking by 21st and M around 1pm on Saturday when I saw the biggest line I’ve ever seen in DC (except for the inauguration of course). For a moment I wondered if I had died and gone to heaven. It turned out it was auditions for America’s Next Top Model reality show. My unscientific count put the numbers into the thousands. The line stretched double all the way around the block.

These folks were waiting since 8:45 am and still had a long ways to go.


I couldn’t help but feel a bit bad for all these folks. There was quite a buzz of optimism and I can only imagine perhaps a handful were picked.

Some more photos after the jump.



The promised land:




And more lines:


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  • wow.. that must have been the biggest collection of self-absorbed complainers in all da land. Probably a good place to use the “I’m a prince of a small eurasian country” line.

  • Oh that’s what that was. I walked by there around 6 pm and was wondering what the hell all those people were there for. I gathered it was for an audition for something, but didn’t stay long enough to figure out for what.

  • Not sure if you follow Top Model PoP, but this season they’re casting for is supposed to be the petite model season (5’7” and under).

    Thank god you made an appearance there. I thought about going to spy but they probably would’ve recruited me (being 5’4”). I am not trying to appear on that ridiculous show—I’d rather watch!

    I see cute girls, but nothing that makes me go “Wow, a model!”

  • Oh, and it’s funny that I see quite a few girls in the photos who appear to be regular model-sized (5’9” and up). I’m sure it sucked for them being told “you’re too tall for this season!” Shaking my head.

  • woah, you mean this 5’2″ girl missed her chance at stardom!?! Excuse me while I go cut myself!

    next year, next year.

  • Lots of good looking asses on the line, I guess..

  • All these women and these are the best pictures you could take?

  • DC50 is doing a contest to vote for the “Washington’s Top Beauty,” from selected girls from DC’s ANTM tryouts:

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