ABC 7 News Calls Shiloh Baptist Church – “Shady”

In an article titled, D.C. Church Avoids Paying Taxes on Vacant Properties, ABC 7 says:

“A D.C. church is under fire for its efforts to avoid paying taxes. Now, some residents in the District’s Shaw neighborhood are calling the Shiloh Baptist church downright shady.”

Then the quote a woman who says:

“It’s sheisty is what it is,” said Danielle Boudreaux, a D.C. resident. “It is sheisty — it doesn’t go along with what I think the core values of a church should be.”

It’s actually the reporter who calls the practice “Shady”. I’m just saying…

Anyway, I hope they do have to pay higher taxes for these properties but I also think ABC really overdid the “Shady” bit (you have to watch the video to see what I mean).

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  • No, they’re shady.

  • um. do churches EVER go along with what the core values of a church should be??? Its a freakin CON people. get over it. They would rather pay themselves 6 figure salaries and keep these properties vacant than take the money from the pot and put it towards. oh i dont know putting low rent apartments there? Or perhaps selling the properties and starting a college fun. Screw the AIG execs. What kind of cars do you think these Shiloh church preachers ride around in?? what a joke. and for all you idiots who are like “its not religion. this is an abuse of religion. my church is liberal and nice” get over it. if you sensible christians would own up and leave then Christianity would be exposed for the pathetic con it is.

  • Um, shady is the process that led to these properties somehow getting OFF the vacant list. Shiloh is the most egregious example, but I want to know if this is widespread.

  • Anonymous – you’re ignorance is stifling. Seriously stifling. You’re using one messed up situation to call Christianity a “pathetic con?” I’m not saying that Christianity’s historical record is pristine – it by no means is – but a pathetic con?

    I don’t care if you practice another religion or are an atheist – one thing’s for sure. You’re an ignorant schmuck.

  • Wait. Doesn’t “sheisty” mean something entirely different than “shady”? Does Danielle Boudreaux, a D.C. resident, know something we don’t?

  • Megan:

    From Websters:

    Definition: suspicious, shady; sneaky

    I think it has a real historical meaning, but I’m not sure yet.

  • I am an atheist.

    I also think Anonymous is going over the line.

    Most of the Christians I know do not go to faith first to describe how the world works, they go to science first and faith and church for them is a type of self-help community. In fact, probably 3 out of 4 people I know who go to church are more well-adjusted than average.

    The problem is that there are many preachers and church officials who believe they are doing god’s work, which is delusional.

    Of course this delusionality is not restricted to religion. Dick Cheney almost undoubtedly really believes that his policies were put in place to make America safer. Robert Nardelli probably believes that he did the right thing by taking $240 million from Home Depot.

    The question is, are you directly responsible for Dick Cheney even if you didn’t vote for him and didn’t agree with him and are you directly responsible for the explosion in executive compensation even if you were nothing more than a customer of Home Depot?

    Because that’s, generally, what Anonymous was suggesting.

  • @springroadintoaction:

    Sheisty derives from the German (and/or Yiddish) word for, um, poo. A shyster is one who shovels bullsh*t.

  • It might have been a bit over-the-top to call the church shady – the reporter should just present the facts and let them speak for themselves. And the obvious conclusion a viewer would come to is that they’re shady.

    Among other things, they protest every restaurant/bar’s liquor license in that region. Ultimately they fail, but they really want to make everyone’s lives a living hell (ironic, eh?). I’m not their biggest fan.

  • Can we save the religious wars for another time and keep on topic? Thanks.

    That said, yes this is shady and sheisty.

    Plus this comes along on top of the fact they are one of the choir of nuisance property owners making the council vote on doing away with the Nuisance property tax altogether.

    Nothing like complaining about having to pay a tax that is good for the community, finding a way to cheat out the city from paying it, then before any collection can be done – getting the city to do away with the tax and hurting the entire city.

    Sell the properties or renovate them or pay the tax. Those are the honest things to do not matter if your christian or not. What they are doing is anything but christian.

  • That link from Tmoney gets up the ire. I am thrilled to see the owners of neglected properties pay a higher tax. Their lack of care or action hurts the rest us.

    Perhaps that legislation deserves its own PoP post, so we can all get informed and let our councilmembers know.

  • There is actually an excellent blog dedicated to Shiloh Baptist Church and the negative impact is has on the Shaw neighborhood.

  • These people are incredibly corrupt. The people that run that church drive around in Porsches and BMWs. The fact that they get away with this is completely disgusting, and they must be reprimanded (and forced to pay those taxes). They were uproarious when a few bars moved in and a nice restaurant got a liquour license, and yet they own an entire city block that lays fallow. There is a rumor that they want to knock it down and put in a surface parking lot for their parishoners.

    It pisses me off, and it should piss you off too.

    Let them know how you feel right here .

  • For anyonw who wants, is a form that you can fill out to report vacants in your neighborhood. I checked and a few properties on my block recent got switched from class 3, vacant no exception to class 1.

  • Shiloh Baptist would rather leave those properties vacant than sell them, fearing that some white people would buy them. It’s true and it’s certainly not what Jesus would do, nor Moses nor Mohammed. Maybe Christianity is a con, but Jesus isn’t.

  • Not surprising that Anon 11:06 is not willing to put his/her name out there. People who act in this way are just that – people. Christianity is not corrupt – some people who claim Christianity as their religion are corrupt. The true principles of Christianity – love of neighbor, putting yourself before others, forgiveness, etc. – are not a con. It is unfortunate that there are people in all religious groups who are corrupt or misguided who then taint the rest of us.

    You must have really been hurt by someone who held themselves out to be religious or Christain.

  • cupcake Says:

    March 25th, 2009 at 3:33 pm The true principles of Christianity – love of neighbor, putting yourself before others, forgiveness, etc. – are not a con.”

    Shouldn’t this just be a principle of humanity itself? These are not Christian principles. There are a lot of wicked stories in the christian bible where neither love of neighbor or forgiveness is shown.

  • Well yes, but the purpose is not to be wicked – there are lessons to be learned from wicked behavior – no? The Bible is a complex document, written by human beings. If you start trying to take it as absolute truth it goes down a very bad path – most Christians do not interpret the bible this way.

    For instance, despite media reports, most Christians believe in the science behind the formation of the world and the evolution of the beings that inhabit it. They believe that the systems that allow this to happen were created by God. But, they don’t believe that God created the world magically in 7 days.

    Yes, I believe that love of neighbor, putting yourself before others, forgiveness, etc. should be principles of humanity, but they are the principles on which Christianity is founded.

  • Um, cupcake? You should look at some really well-done survey studies of American religion. Pretty much everthing you just said is wrong.

  • So back to the matter at hand; if the vacant properties upset the neighbors so much, why don’t they form a Sunday morning picket? Easter is coming up and it would make for great local news and perhaps pressure the church to do something. Of course if neighbors really want to hit the church where it counts, they could park in all the diagonal parking spaces on 9th Street early Sunday morning. No one said those spaces were reserved only for Maryland churchgoers.

  • The most important Christian principle is that Jesus died for our sins, that His death paid the price for humankind’s sins. The love thy neighbor and forgiveness behaviors as well as other good works are an outward manifestation and testimony of God’s saving power within us. And I don’t even go to church.

  • MMM:

    Manipulation of the vacant property list in dc is both common and corrupt.
    The last time I looked (a year or so ago), the list was kept in an excel file that anyone on the network at DCRA could manipulate:

    Call it in, and theoritically an inspector goes to “inspect” – however since there is no audit trail of changes to the spreadsheet – anything can happen. IF DCRA wished to fix corruption allegations on the vacant propertly list, they would make an auditable database so that they know why entries get modified. None of this “none of our people are corrupt” business.

    And yes, I am speaking of E. Rice, sector supervisor.

  • Cupcake, sure you are fooling yourself.

    The “Con” in Christianity is that God created the world, planets, water, animals and people and not, you know, following scientific explanations. You willfully misread the 11:06 comments to proselytize. That itself is lying or at best a sin of omission.

    I find your comments bizarre to the point of irrationality and the idea that someone would have to be “hurt” by a Christian to believe in evolution is almost obscenely self-indulgent. I have no problem telling you to go back to your hole.

  • We will build our properties up on 9th and P street N.W., Washington, D.C. God has a plan for every congreation, we will create homes for members in the communities, a senor Citizens home and a Youth Center. It is time for us to use our talents, gifts and Build our shaw community up. God bless, 2009. Goal 20010

  • We will build our properties up on 9th and P street N.W., Washington, D.C. God has a plan for every congreation, we will create homes for members in the communities, a senor Citizens home and a Youth Center. It is time for us to use our talents, gifts and Build our shaw community up. God bless, 2009. Goal 20010. Let us go forth and build our community to help those in need, listen to our ancestors that have create a pathway for us, we must now create a pathway for the children, youth, young adults, and the elderly.

  • what business is it to anyone but the congregation what the pastors drive? none. get off your moral narrow viewed high horse.
    stick to the issues, not what you think religion or christianity or whatever should be….shiloh is an official church and has legal status as such. regardless of what you think about it.

    now, tax evasion.. different story. whole different story. whole nother criminal story..

    and yes, shiloh has been making changes and is trying to do more for those that have it hard.

  • you guys can debate about religion till your blue in the face. but people will believe what they want. and really what matters in this is the law. and tax evasion.
    everything else is just opinion.

    you garner more respect when you stick to the issues. the cars pastors drive is really no ones business. `

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