Scariest Craigslist Ad Evah!

You’re a bullet through my soul !, originally uploaded by A.J .. !!.


A reader found this insane request from craigslist:

“Unwanted Ammo or bullets – $1 (dcmetro)
I’ll buy your unwanted or un-needed ammo or bullets or guns. Just email. private owner.”

The reader notes:

“if it said West Virginia I’d understand, but it’s IN DC!”


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  • Its possible the poster is outside of DC. Also remember you can have a registered rifle/shotgun in DC, and ammunition for such. Its handguns that are amusingly considered illegal though we hear them every night.

  • This afternoon I was walking down the sidewalk when 2 guys behind me were debating whether or not you could fire an AK-47 with one hand. One guy swore he’d done it, the other guy said it wasn’t possible… yada yada. I turned around to give them the evil eye, and saw they were USSS — but still, some conversations aren’t for public consumption.

  • BW Living: P’shaw! Earlier this week on the bus a guy was talking to someone else about the three people he’d killed in his life and how many bullets he put into each and where and why. And of course the time he served for it and who he really messed up in jail etc. Gotta love DC.

  • eh, cars kill more people than guns, but you see those for sale everywhere. And for the record, yes – you can fire an AK-47 with one hand, just not accurately 🙂

  • I love that – ammo OR bullets.
    Lordy – someone preparing for the possibility he’ll still be here after the rapture? Yikes.

  • This is just beyond words… And, I think, the worst is still to come once guns start flowing freely in DC

  • Guns already flow freely in DC. The whole gun ban debate is an exercise for cake eating silk suited lawyers and hucksters like Fenty and Bowser who live in nice parts of town or VA. For those of us along JoJa Ave, there is no such thing as a gun ban. Look up the esteemed Ransom Perry, who was caught with a loaded gun, processed by the court, released immediately, got another pistol, and killed 14 year old Arthur Daniels apparently for fun. All completely legal, up to the murder, and under the auspices of the supposed ban. This talk of a gun ban makes me ill.

  • So… If you think that this gun ban is “non-binding”, then I assume you feel absolutely comfortable and sure that nothing is going to change (read robberies, murders, crime in general) and no escalation effect will be observed once this ban is fully lifted, correct?

  • What in the world is happening here? Perfectly reasonable people discussing removing gun control? What? This is a bad idea for so many reasons. Yes, guns already flow freely. That sucks. But lifting gun control is insane. More people will die. I am alarmed at the cavalier discussion on this issue.

  • The gun control ban needs to end.

  • Anon @ 7:39, I am fully with you. Ferderlance, why? I just want to hear your arguments

  • “eh, cars kill more people than guns”

    I assume you were joking with that satement? [Obviously I don’t mean the statistical fact that they do]

  • Titania, that stupid law has never prevented criminals from getting guns.

  • True, the law does not and will not prevent criminals from getting guns. However, neither will removing gun control ensure safety for the average citizen. What will prevent criminals from getting guns? To start with, better enforcement of current laws, standup citizens willing to testify and to serve as jurors, and juries willing to convict if indeed the facts point in that direction. Removing gun control will just make it a little easier for people to get guns.

  • I know this is off topic, but could the people who answer as anonymous get a distinct screen name so people know who their talking too.

  • I don’t see the issue here. In almost any other state, there would be no issue here. I was found guilty in DC of unlawful possession of unregistered AMMO. Not a gun. But the bullets. What is the point of having such asinine laws like this? In effect, DC is saying that its residents are not as trustworthy with guns as other locales. In other words, DC has chosen to address a people problem by blaming an inanimate object. An unwillingness to address the root of the problem will never solve it. The tree just grows more branches.

  • But what if the overwhelming majority of district residents themselves wish to have gun control? Isn’t that why it has been in place as long as it has prior to recent events?

  • Even if a majority of the residents wanted gun control to end, the DC govt. wouldn’t end gun control.
    The Supreme Court forced DC govt to end its gun ban. The people have to continually sue the DC govt to make them comply with the Supreme court.

  • I’m not so sure a majority of DC residents want super-strict gun control. That’s kind of a big assumption on your part. It would be really interesting if it were put up for Cali style voting initiative. Also don’t forget there are many many people who talk gun control, but also either own guns or want to own guns themselves. Carl Rowan was a great example – liberal journalist who often spoke of increasing gun control measures, but used an illegal handgun to shoot a kid who was pool hopping in his upper NW home. Hell, I knew a girl who worked for Violence Police Center, one of the most ardent anti-gun groups, who kept a .38 under her bed that she obtained after a series of home invasions in MtP many years ago.

    Look, this is a city with VERY sub-standard 911 dispatch/police service. It may be improving slightly, but it’s still got a long way to got. A lot of folks just don’t want to settle for dialing 911 and praying the police show up.

    Then there’s the whole racial take on things. A lot of matters that aren’t racial in this town take on the racial aspect for no good reason [see the bottle bill or plastic bag fees], but the gun issue really could be seen as racist. A lot of people look at NoVa, where concealed carry and and high gun ownership exists, as do staggeringly lower violent crime rates. What makes urban centers inappropriate places for residents to own guns? Are we less safe? Do we have hotter tempers that make us resort to violence? Are we just more violent and have poorer judgment in general? I don’t think so. Increasingly less so, but most urban centers with very strict gun control are largely black. Just something to think about.

  • blue skies, you ask “But what if the overwhelming majority of district residents themselves wish to have gun control?” I answer: If you’re talking about hthe old gun control law in DC, it doesn’t matter. Not the way the Supreme Court interpreted the Second Amendment, holding that 2nd Amendment rights were individual, even against a large majority. If I asked “But what if the overwhelming majority of district residents themselves wish to limit voting only to literate citizens?” the answer would seem obvious.

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