Work Continues On One of the Worst Pop Ups in the City

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The destruction/construction of the home at New Hampshire and Upshur, sadly, continues. Well, if it’s gonna be a disaster it might as well be a completed disaster instead of just an empty wreck. Though, every time I walk past this home I lose a day of my life because my blood pressure shoots up and I involuntarily start cursing…


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  • Really? I was hoping they were in foreclosure by now. What have you seen happening there?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’ve seen them digging out the basement doorway as well as working on the back of the house also a dumpster was added.

  • This “house” is a complete monstrosity and pisses me off every time I pass by it. Everything about it is wrong – cheap materials, destruction of the original features and the fact the place has been a complete disaster area since they started working on it. It seriously detracts from the neighborhood, making me wonder who the hell would ever want to live there. HIDEOUS!

  • I’ve about given up on the Petworth Eyesore ever being anything but a neighbourhood blight. I’ve even started to use it as a landmark – “Turn right at the eyesore”

  • As disastrous as this has been, its been even more amazing that it isnt complete! Seriously, how many years has he been working on this? By the time it is finished, he will have missed the whole housing bubble, crash, and recovery.

  • I wish there was something to community could do to prevent crap like this from happening.

    Anyway way we can get the builders name and number and flood his inbox?

  • Wow, that’s an amazing piece of work there. Maybe the builder is just learning how to do stuff? And how can that chimney even be remotely close to code?

  • As cheap as the choices have been, it still costs money that many aren’t going to want to spend buying that piece of crap.

  • that house had so much potential. now i just want to see it torn down and built back up proper

  • at least he’s helping the economy by keeping someone employed and working on this place

  • “I wish there was something to community could do to prevent crap like this from happening. ”

    There is. Become a Historic District. That’s what Mt. Pleasant did. Of course that option has its own detractors.

  • I think a historic district is the opposite extreme. Can’t we draft some kind of legislation that for residential zones you have to go through some kind of review process by your neighbors?

  • saf

    I am in permit hell at the moment. I can’t get a permit to repair a falling down retaining wall. I can’t get a permit to build an arbor.

    I would LOVE to know who they paid off to get permits to do this. And I am pretty sure that they are exceeding the scope of their permits.

  • @anon11:30. There already is. I have a friend who’s been trying to complete a popup for 4 years, but can’t get his neighbors (and the zoning board) to approve his plans.

  • i hope he paints one side purple and the other side oranges just to some of y’all’s chagrin….then you can stroke out over some sh*t, that ain’t none of your concerns anyway.

  • saf

    And why is it not our concern, when we have to LIVE with it, eh?

  • What is happening with that house? We live near it and remember when it was abandoned or at least unoccupied (forever), then for sale (forever) and now under this really ugly construction with work stopages (forever). So there’re working on it again? I should know better, as I don’t live far away.

  • Walk by it everyday and everyday wish it would just disappear. Can’t imagine it’s not illegal construction.

  • Hi saf, would you compare permit applications? Yours doesn’t sound too bad — what is the hold up? Are you going to the homeowners center? Did the sweet young woman go on maternity leave or something and leave you with the Sikh gentleman?

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