Where are Some Good Places To Get Firewood Besides the Grocery Store?

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I can’t remember if we’ve discussed this before but it seems like there has to be cheaper options out there. Any suggestions. Does anybody deliver firewood straight to your house?

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  • Yar. Delivery firewood is common among us hill folk. I’ve never ordered in this area, but do know that Maryland companies exist who will deliver. However, they may only deliver by the cord, which is hill-talk for “lotsa lotsa wood”. So, you need to figure all that stuff out, but no big deal. Also make sure you get seasoned wood, the age old trick is for them to drop off green wood with you, which is no good until next year.

  • Plenty of delivery services around. Some of them at the start of the winter just roam around the neighborhood with a truck full of wood knocking on the door of every house with a chimney. My fireplace doesn’t work so I’ve never bought from them but based on flyers they’ve given me their prices are about half what you would pay in the store though it does appear you have to buy in larger volume

  • My neighbor has a tree he won’t miss. How much you paying?

  • Hmmm….my post didn’t get posted. I’ll try one more time. At the beginning of winter, at least 4 different guys stopped by my place (16th by Merdian Hill Park). They’re all small business types and prices/volumes are definitely negotiable. If anyone has any interest, I’ll try to remember to post phone numbers (or can email someone). Pennywise is right about green wood – have to watch out for that. One guy sold me some green wood he claimed was seasoned.

  • Look in the Post or (probably) Craigs List for firewood delivery. Best not to buy from those folks with bad teeth selling wood by the “rack” from the back of their pickups. It tends to be expensive and green. Be prepared to do some splitting and stacking, but it’s worth it — a proper cord (a stack of wood 4’x4’x8′) will last about two winters and is pretty cheap if you shop around.

  • There’s delivery, and then there’s Digiorno … well, almost. If you have wheels and aren’t afraid to tote some wood, there are several places up in the Beltsville/College Park vicinity (probably elsewhere, but these are the places I’ve seen) that just sell cut firewood on the premises cheap. They tend to be nurseries moonlighting in the winter or reincarnated Christmas tree lots.

  • Answer: My backyard, free. I had a tree (red mulberry, hardwood) cut down several months ago. I succeeded in giving away about 75% of the leftover limbs but there is still a huge amount left. By this I mean big chunks of the trunk that would have to be split. I don’t know how long they need to cure (or whatever) but they’ve been sitting outside for months. Anyone want some free chunks of tree trunk? Come and get it.

  • Hi djdc,
    I would love some free firewood. Sounds like it would burn well next winter — it would be fun to rent a wood-splitter and work through your pile of tree trunks.

    I had been looking for a recommendation of someone who could deliver seasoned firewood. Until then, I guess it’s hardware store bundles.

  • Need Wood? It’s a really cool nonprofit that provides fire wood to needy residents. You can find them at needwood.com. A whole group us gets together every other weekend and worship a select number of trees in national parks. Then we cut the bitches down.

  • bogfrog,
    I can send a photo of the stuff if you’d like to see it first. One of the logs still has a splitter stuck (really stuck) in the middle of it because it was too small for the log. But I’ll have to send info from home.

  • Oops, forgot to include email address, which I’ve done now.

  • Aargh. Will have to wait til after work. Sorry for clogging the airwaves.

  • Hit Craigslist. i bought a half chord of wood last year from a family in Maryland who advertised that they would deliver to DC. they delivered it on a Sunday morning, and stacked it in my garage for $90. i still have about 1/2 that wood. most of it was split into proper size/length, but a few pieces weren’t; the $25 axe i bought at Home Depot has taken care of the latter.

  • A roommate of mine in Georgetown would order us a half cord every autumn. It was great! But prices to fluctuate.

    Keep in mind a cord of wood is 4’x4’x8′. If you don’t have that kind of space to store the wood away from the house, you should rethink buying it. (You really shouldn’t store it on your porch like we did. There’s a reason people build woodsheds.)

  • AAA Tree Service in Alexandria will deliver a full cord and dump it for $200. I would recommed them because they actually deliver a full cord, not just a pickup truck full called a cord. A cord is about 900 lbs of seasoned wood, so you should get a $hit ton (no accurate measurement there) which would last most dc dwellers a good long time.

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