Update on Development Plans For The Corner of Georgia and Kenyon


Back in September I did a quick update on this corner. But since then it seems a new developer has taken over. This is an old picture so I believe the fence is now down and there is more empty space.  Many thanks to a reader for tracking down this update:

“A new, big, permanent looking sign was put up today. It has the exact same plan as the previous signs but this one is from Sperry Van Ness. They specialize in condos and retail spaces.

I did some digging and found this http://www.svn.com/aspx/pws/Template2/default.aspx?TranID=71467.

It looks like they are still looking for investors. $3,000,000 for .18 acres of land plus building permits seems pretty steep to me.”

If you click on the link – what do you think about the rendering?

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  • We live around the corner and say BRING IT.

  • If it was cost-effective at that price, they’d be building it themselves, especially if it has “construction loans in place” as it says. That’s the hardest thing to find these days. If it were profitable right now, they’d build it.

  • Yeah, NO chance at that price, in this climate, at that location, although the plans look great. I mean, permitting and land aren’t worth THAT much, unless you are talking Logan Circle or something. Cut the asking price in half, they may attract some interest. I think the people selling the big, decrepit-looking apartment building on Park Road and Holmead are also asking 3 million — equally ridiculous. Hopefully these folks become more realistic, and fast, so that both of those spots can be developed.

  • A nice addition to this as well to the Heights of Georgia Ave at the corner of Lamont


  • Wow, great sleuthing.

    Sounds like a huge price just for the benefit of permits and all that. But, Balbir Singh paid $680 K for the place that has become Sydney on the Avenue. And people who bought in the early years of Lamont Street Lofts seem happy. I am also happy to say there are 4 huge employers with job openings in all fields, job security, 403(b), BCBS health insurance, a better cafeteria than Georgetown (with a daily weight watchers offering), and happy employees just a few blocks to the east.

  • @Bogfrog
    GOOD POINT. Georgia Ave is walkable to Washington Hospital Center, Childrens, VA, etc. This is a wonderful location. Imagine never having to care about another traffic report again!

  • @Bogfrog
    That is, Georgia is walkable to MAJOR employers.

    There are other buildings in the works or already there: Sydney and the Heights of Georgia.

    The folks around Sherman are ready to push the tree project forward.

    I’m so tired of hearing “how sketchy” this and Sherman are. Does anyone remember 14th and P 5 years ago?

  • I live right across the street and laughed when i saw the more “permanent” sign

  • I say bring a farmer’s market to the site for a couple of years while the retail market recovers..

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