Uh Oh, I’ve Found a New Obsession

DSCN6711, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve been really digging porch lamps lately. There are some pretty fresh ones out there. I don’t think there’s enough for “a day” status but allow me to show a few from just one street.



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  • These are nifty. I am soon updating my porch light and wonder if anyone knows a good, non-Home Depot porch light source that is affordable? Nothing against the HD of course, but I’d like something unique, or at least less common.

  • Do you ever get up to Philadelphia, Pennywise? If so, there is the coolest lighting store in the whole wide world, near South Street on 3rd, maybe. It’s three dusty, poorly-lit (the irony!) floors of salvaged lighting. If you ever wanted a pair of 6-foot-high bronze torches like you might find flanking the doors of a beaux arts sky scraper, this is the place.

    As for DC, there’s that salvage place (Brass Knob?) on 18th street in Adams Morgan. They definitely have period lighting, but I can’t vouch for their selection.

  • Thanks! I don’t get to Philly much, if ever, but thanks for the Brass Knob reminder.

  • Keep it up!

  • Even more un-Home Depot like would be the Brass Knob Warehouse – call & ask if they have lights. They have lots of things in their store that don’t get listed on their web site. http://www.brassknobwarehouse.com/backdoors/index.html

    Also Community Forklift in Hyattsville and Habitat for Humanity ReStore might have interesting porch lights. Both stores have things old, new, salvaged, donated.

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