Tivoli North Banners Approved by ANC

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When I first posted about Tivoli North, I have to admit I had no idea it would be so controversial. An eagle eye reader spotted the following notice from today’s NW Current Newspaper under the ANC 4C meeting notes:

“voted 8-2, with Joseph Vaughan and Michael Yates dissenting, to allow the Tivoli North Business Association to install grant-financed banners on 14th Street between Spring and Shepherd streets in efforts to bring unity to the community. Commission chair Joseph Martin said the banners would help build civic pride. Vaughan said some businesses might not want to be called Tivoli North.”

This is not an official designation from the city but simply an initiative from the Tivoli North Business Association. Now that a bit of time has passed and the sponsor is known – do you think you’ll find the banners (name) offensive now knowing that the stated aim is to bring unity to the community along 14th Street?

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  • Hahaha, I just think this is funny.

    I like the “GaP” idea instead.

  • If they want to create a sense of unity in the area, why not just have Columbia Heights banners installed along 14th Street both north AND south of the Tivoli?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s interesting to note that the ANC jurisdiction for this matter is 4C. So the area in question is in Ward 4.

  • Nothing promotes unity quite like partitioning people into ever smaller groups.

    Well, nothing except giving people a banner with a name they’ve never heard of.

  • saf

    What Brad said.

    Really, this is just stupid.

  • What exactly is the “Tivoli North Business Association?” Other than the Red Derby the only businesses between Spring and Shepherd are run down liquor stores and run down Chinese food places and I don’t see them as taking much of an interest in hanging banners on the street that promotes a made-up neighborhood no one has ever heard of. If they’re so concerned about improving the area why don’t they pay someone to clean up the trash?

  • totally confused here. How is this possible given the CLEAR opposition to the name change with the residents? How can the ANC get together and just make a new neighborhood out of thin air. and who was responsible for coming up with the name anyway. I would have much preffered Holmeade Village which actually was used for a time. But this is ridiculous. a couple of people get together over beers one night and decide they want to rename a swath of columbia heights. and a couple weeks later. BAM. like. who the hell ever heard of ANYTHING getting done that fast in DC?

  • Yank the signs down.

  • How can an ANC do something against the wishes of residents?

    Maybe they took lessons from the ANC over here in Mt Pleasant.

  • the only thing dumber than Tivoli North is when some idiots start calling the place “TivNo”

  • I can’t wait till the Tivoli North actually opens. I hope it has a Giant attached on the back, and a closed down coffee shop in the old lobby.

  • brad said it best up above. balkanizing the neighborhood isn’t going to bring the “community” “together”. this just strikes me as someone getting a big ego stroke.

  • what Darrell said. we all meet at red derby. get drunk as balls. and tear them all down. we can sew them together to make an awning for red derby.

  • Banners or no banners will have absolutely no effect on “bringing the community together.” Maybe a handful of people (bloggers, possibly a few business owners) could really care less whether or not a stretch of 14th street has banners on it or not.

    I mean what, are people feuding in the streets at 14th and P because someone decided to call it “MidCity” rather than “Logan Circle” ??

  • saf

    Anon 10:31 – Midcity is the old name, Logan Circle or Shaw is the new name.

  • As long as we are naming the neighborhood after landmarks that are not even in the proposed neighborhood boundaries, how about National Zoo East? Dupont Circle North?

  • RD- ha ha! How about Far East Georgetown?

  • This news is hilarious!

  • are they going to start thier own listserve? or will they still use the columbia heights forum?

  • As a resident of the area to be bannered, I can tell my block (Shepherd east of 14th and environs) is not happy and will remove the banners from our section of the street. As IMGoph pointed out, balkanizng the neigborhood will not bring unity.

  • This is ridiculous. I can’t believe that the ANC listened to the businesses on this strip without consulting the neighbors, especially when so many of the businesses are crime-infested nuisances. I predict that either this gets changed or we have a whole new slate of ANC commissioners after the next election.

  • Anon @ 9:41, a real idiot would probably get lazy and just call it “Tivo”

  • A banner by any other name would still be a banner!

    What is wrong with peace, love, and a banner.

  • This is great news for John McCain!

  • How about “West Balkans” or just “WeBal”?

    Ditto on all the comments above. Naming our hood as an extension of another neighborhood– or even worse, after a B-rate landmark in another neighborhood– is sucky.

    Brad/IMGoph’s Balkanization argument is pretty compelling, but I think it would be better to get lumped into Petworth than Columbia Heights. The problem for those of us closer to the GaP metro is that people coming to visit get confused if you say you live in Columbia Heights, but they should get out at the Georgia-Avenue Petworth Metro. Maybe for hitting the Red Derby, it is a wash if you get out at Columbia Heights. But fol

  • I hate my computer . . .

    Just going to finish . . . but for a lot of the area that we’ve been discussing, it can be a long uphill slog if people get out at the Columbia Heights Metro by mistake.

  • I attended a recent meeting organized by the Tivoli North Business Association, and I must say that I don’t believe that they are trying to Balkanize the neighborhood. Businesses, Representatives, Police, and Citizens were invited in an attempt to improve safety and cleanliness in the area in question. Seriously…they’re banners.

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