Super Cool Video

Below is an awesome video sponsored by the Palace 5ive skate shop on 14th street. You can see the full video here. Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Some local boys put together a really cool online skate video featuring our lovely city. The opening montage has a lot of cool architectural details. And the skating’s not too bad either.”

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  • that made my morning!

  • i used to skate back in the day, this brought back memories! these guys tore it up, well done!

  • What a great video! I particularly like that they were able to clear tourists from all those spots to shoot. I had to laugh at the final shot of them eating Yum’s.

  • former skater here too. i still love watching skateboarders. that kicked.

  • two of my buddies from high school ended up completely reinventing skateboard culture. DC skateboarding does not get the respect it deserves considering that 3 or 4 critically important people to that culture came from 70s/80s DC skateboarding.

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