Sah-Weet Stained Glass

DSCN6759, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I bet this stained glass is a hundred years old. Is this a lost art or do people still practice this?

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  • saf

    You’re kidding, right?

    No, there are lots of people who make stained glass windows, hangings, 3-d objects, etc. Indeed, my father made a living making and selling stained glass things for 8 years (much of the 70s)

  • My father made stained-glass house numbers for my old place. He surrounded the numbers with blue irises. The whole thing was almost 3′ x 2′, because that’s how big the window over the front door was. I left it with the house when I sold… sad, but what are the chances of ever living in another house with that address and the right-sized display spot?

  • not even close to being lost! my mom does stained glass, and has for about 30 years now. it’s hard work, but amazing to watch the final product come to life!

  • Not at all! My buddy does stained glass quasi-professionally:

    (PS: He also occasionally trudges around town taking pictures at awesome transoms:

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