Red Derby Hosting Mardi Gras Party Tomorrow & Fusion Gets Liquor License Starting a Happy Hour


Red Derby (3718 14th St. NW) Mardi Gras Party
Fat Tuesday
Feb. 24th – 8pm on

King Cakes, Hurricanes, Beads, Feather Masks

Ed. Note: I wish it was Fat Friday because Hurricanes may make work on Wed. a bit brutal…


The folks at Fusion (4815 Georgia Ave. NW) tell me they are “starting a happy hour at Fusion starting today from 12 pm to 6. pm all beers at $3.00, wine $6.00 a glass and Martini’s for $ 6.00”.

Happy hour is from Tues – Sunday. 

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  • Fusion is fantastic! Seriously, it is a great restaurant, one worth driving to. I ate there for the first time this weekend and we all really enjoyed it. Definitely going back.

  • Does Fusion have a website yet?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I don’t believe they have a website yet but I’ve been meaning to post their menu (there may be some changes since I recieved this menu.


    Ragda Patties
    Spiced potato patties, chick peas tamarind & date chutney .7

    Mango Shrimp
    Jumbo shrimp mango purée, basil served with mint chutney. 7

    Crispy Spinach Salad
    Flash fried Baby spinach cumin; tomatoes & black sea salt .7

    Chicken Kebab
    Ground chicken, bird pepper, fresh thyme .7

    Masala Crab Cake
    Crab meat. Cumin, saffron & mace .8

    Perri perri Tilapia
    Tilapia filet, ginger; red chili, lemon juice & cilantro .7

    Mix Greens Salad
    Mix greens, goat cheese & cherry tomatoes .6

    Divers Scallops
    Pan sears scallop ginger garlic & tomatoes .7

    Smoke salmon
    Wild Alaska smoke salmon ,prawn moose & dill cream cheese. 8


    Lobster masala
    Main lobster tail,garam masala,onion,ginger.20

    Shrimp malai curry
    Jumbo shrimp,coconut and ginger . 16

    Gosh palak
    Leg of lamb ,fresh spinach .15

    Lamb kurma
    American lamb, pistachio, almonds, onions & garam masala .15

    Chicken Makhani,
    Broil chicken, fenugreek, tomatoes .15

    Grill Lamb Chops
    American lamb Mace cashew huts, cardamom & green herbs .18

    Sea food curry
    fish, shrimp& scallop .17

    Tandoori ( Grill ) Salmon,
    Scottish salmon, cinnamon, ginger .15

    Tandori ( Grill ) prawns
    Prawns , ginger, garlic & mild spices.17

    Chicken Tikka Masala
    Broil chicken, tomatoes and a blend
    of Indian spices .15

    NY strip chili roast
    Prime stake, tomatoes, chili and red wine reduction.18

    Fish malai curry
    Fresh market fish coconut ,ginger & mild spices. 16

    Sunday brunch 3 course $ 25.00

    Vegetarian flavors

    Dal makhani
    Lentils, tomatoes, garlic and fenugreek 10

    Bigan bartha
    Egg plant ,onion ,ginger and mild spices.12

    Cucumber raita
    Cucumber, yogurt relish .6

    Vegetable kurma
    Seasonal veg, ginger, coconut milk .12

    Aloo pakak
    Fresh spinach, potatoes and tomatoes.11

    Palak paneer
    Home made cottage cheese, fresh spinach .12

    Channa masala .11

    Breads & Rice
    Goat cheese kulcha 2.50
    Aloo paratha .2.50
    Paratha. 2.00
    Naan/garlic 2.00
    Puri 2.00

    Please send any comments to Mr. Barry Dindyal at [email protected] 726 2210

    Hours of operation
    Monday – Saturday to 11pm
    Lunch & dinner
    Sunday brunch 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, Dinner 5 pm to 10 pm.

    House special

    Fusion cocktail
    Hendricks gin/orange bitters/fresh lime.7

    Green cool night

    kaiture glacier
    Sparkling wine/ginger.7

    Avenue spicy queen
    Infuse vodka/mango/chili.7

    Red puma
    Tequila/pomegranate/triple sec 7

    Infused bourbon
    Wood ford reserved/dry fruites.6

    Fusion honey
    Knob creek/frangelico/orange/7

    Roman cosmo
    Vodka/triple sec/mango/cranberry.7

    Tequila blossom
    Chocolate tequila/baileys.7

  • Mardi Gras at Derby? Count me in. Pancakes at my church followed by some hurricanes? Almost makes up for the fact that I am missing New Orleans this year… I miss Louisiana.

    Laizzes les bon temps rouler!

  • Fusion web site here:

    cute and quaint and relatively incomplete, but there it is. Scuttlebutt I have heard indicates food is good, portions are small, and service is spotty. I am a supporter and recognize eateries can be hard to get going, so give them some love! If nothing else they are better than burned out and abandoned shells….

  • Maybe because i’ve only been there at lunch time, when it’s not very crowded, but the service at Fusion couldn’t have been any better if Barry had spoon-fed me. seated quickly, promptly gave me a menu, took my order, brought the marvelous dish out, and checked back repeatedly to see if everything was okay or i needed anything else. and he’s a hell of a nice guy to boot!

  • now that they’ve got their liquor license, can you still bring your own wine there?

  • saf

    You actually couldn’t bring in your own wine for the last few weeks – it’s not legal to BYO to a place in DC without a license. Once they found that out, they had to enforce it.

  • For me, $6 wine is not really happy hour worthy. Fusion should do a happy hour like Heritage India with half price apps. That place is always slammed after work.

  • I hate to say it, as I love Barry’s enthusiasm, but I was not a fan the one time I ordered from there. Delivery was prompt and friendly, but it was definitely not cheap. The Chicken Tika was hot but not flavorful — needed to be tastier, not just spicey. I got the crispy spinach which is clearly modeled after Rasika’s but it was just not nearly as good — didn’t have that delectable light crispyness that Rasika somehow pulls off. I hope it was just an aberration as I really want them to succeed ..

  • $6 wine???? for happy hour. i could get a cheaper price for a glass during reg hours

  • WOW you guys are some of you guys are sooo negative

  • Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense to have such mediocre happy hour deals at a new restaurant. Having a great deal, even if only for one night of the week, would at least get people in there and build the customer base. I know I would go more often.

  • Fusion is far and away my new favorite restaurant. There’s lots of good food in this city (lots of bad food too) and there are certainly fancier and finer restaurants than Fusion, but this place is overwhelmingly great.

    Barry is the nicest, most humble and customer oriented restaurateur I’ve met. We’ve been a handful of times now (once during his first week when the restaurant was barren, most recently for Valentine’s Day when it was packed) and he has always found time to step out of the kitchen and greet us. The first time we were there he noticed I was congested and had a cold and offered to make my food extra spicy to help clear my sinuses up (and it worked!). I’ve heard customers make negative comments about the food and he has bent over backwards to make it better.

    The food was mediocre the first time we went, but still tasty enough to get us in a second time. Since, then the food has always been absolutely remarkable. Indian food, for me at least is complicated, as there is a fine line between spicy hot and spicy favorable and I think Fusion absolutely nails that line. We’ve tried a variety of dishes on the menu and each one has been equally superb.

    For those who have commented on portion sizes and price, again, I think their spot on. Compared to most restaurants “downtown,” the prices are reasonable and the portion sizes more than competitive. My wife and I don’t drink alcohol, so it skews the math a bit, but we’ve never had a bill in excess of $50 (including numerous appetizers, entrees, desserts and non-alcoholic drinks). I’ve also never left hungry.

    To Anon 10:02, I’d suggest you actually head into the restaurant to try it out. I’ve never ordered a “crunchy” dish for delivery and had it show up still crunchy. I am glad they offer delivery, but I’d never judge a restaurant solely by it. Case in point, we love Moroni and Bros. pizza and order delivery from them regularly, but there’s nothing quite like a Moroni and Bros. pie right out of the oven.

    That said, from a non-drinker, the happy hour prices don’t look all that happy to me. I hope he brings them down a bit and adds some food.

  • Wow that is one early happy hour!

  • @ Pennywise – “Scuttlebutt I have heard indicates food is good, portions are small, and service is spotty.”

    This comment made me wonder if the commenter had in fact eaten at the restaurant or not. I’ve eaten there twice, could not finish my entree either time because it was a lot of food and if anything, the service was overly attentive. It’s very good quality food in a comfortable restaurant with a cozy atmosphere.

    When I see all these comments about food being expensive it makes me wonder if any of these people have actually eaten in a restaurant lately. If you want a meal for under $10, you’re going to be stuck with a carryout or fast food.

  • Well gee i wish the red derby would post this stuff sooner,seeing this the day of is a bit short notice.But sounds like a fun time.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hate_monet, i’ve been meaning to ask – how many days notice would you prefer for posts like this?


  • jessup take your wine to any other restaurant and expect it to be corckage freeeeeeee, because you want free wine, come on this is a good restaurant in this area and all you want is to take your own cheap (s) and don’t spent.

  • Ok guys, i was told last evening that the happy hour price include limited small plates of appt.

  • Can you order food for takeout at Fusion, or will they look at me funny?

  • Hello christian how are you, yes you can order to take out.Thank you

  • and the web site is

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