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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rave:The people at Fusion are awesome!!!!! They made my Valentine’s Day great!!!!!!!!!
    Another Rave: Safari DC food is soooo good, you need to do a writeup on that place….

  • I’ve met the owner of Fusion. He’s a nice guy, a family man and I hope the business does well. I think he’s from Guyana of Indian origin so i assume the food mirrors his background and previous restaurant experience.

  • Rant: I was very excited to put together a plan to really help my block but some absolutely asinine neighbors played “Devil’s advocate” with me and are using every falsehood in the book to batter me with opposition. I’ve taken photographs that prove them wrong, but I’m spending too much time on the defensive when something is absolutely basically true. It’s depressing how people can focus on the small part of their lives and ignore the larger problems out there when we have the power to change our community for the better. It’s like increasing availability of community resources for the people who live right here in the community are somehow, you know, robbing the people who don’t pay taxes in DC of these somehow vital services they don’t contribute to, so let’s help them and screw ourselves. It’s exasperating. It’s taken me days now to print out the photos and prove these idiots wrong and only one of them apologized so far- but so many were willing to play devil’s advocate from their basement apartments where they never look outside.

  • Rave: This stimulus package is allowing me to bill an unlimited amount of hours!

    Rant: The fruit of my labor will go to putting more COPS on the street. 🙁
    Rant II: My aunt’s home was completely trashed by some burglar(s). Tore up the house more than robbed it. I’m just happy she wasn’t home. Some people you just can not live around.

  • i got roses and a boyfriend this weekend!

  • Rant: Came back from DCA, didn’t know about the whole Blue/Yellow line mess, while stuck waiting, saw a stupid teenage tourist kid as part of a large tourist group purposefully throw coins on a metro escalator, which caused it to promptly stop working, but I couldn’t yell at him because he was on the other side of the platform. The escalators are messed up enough and now I have a good reason to hate on tourist teenagers. Too bad because I was trying to be accepting of them.

    Rave: I can finally start making plans for a 2-3 month trip since I’ve gotten acceptance to an MBA program! Though timing may not be too great with the economy. Oh well – I’m looking forward to spending a few months volunteering and traveling and hopefully learn some Spanish along the way.

  • Rave: I learned this weekend that I can eat 26 pieces of sushi and edamame in one sitting. I know I should be disgusted with myself, but to be honest I’m ok with that.

  • Rave: I managed to get through Valentine’s Day without the boyfriend doing anything cheesy or mushy. Or anything, for that matter…which is actually a huge relief.

    Rave: It’s Monday afternoon and I’m sitting on the couch watching Days of Our Lives! This show really is stupid.

    Rant: I coaxed myself into getting some work done on my day off…so here I sit, watching soaps, plugging away at my laptop.

  • RAVE: Seconding the Fusion rave – we had a great early Valentinian dinner on Friday night. The folks there are just the nicest and the food was incredible. It makes me grin ear-to-ear to have such a tasty restaurant so close to home!

  • Combined rant/rave: I’ve been to the open mic night at Solly’s (near the U St metro) on Tuesdays a few times and have generally been disappointed with the organization / crowd/ musician’s quality. I’d like to find somewhere to play acoustic music regularly and meet other musicians, but haven’t been able to find any high-quality open mics in DC. Any suggestions?

  • Rave: I do believe I’m in a minority here – but I’m really glad the Stimulus Package contains money for DHS to start rehab, renovations and construction at St. Elizabeths. I’m one of those who work at Coast Guard Headquarters, and we’ve been stuck in Buzzards Point since 1979. If I have to be in a hell hole, I might as well be in a hell hole up on a hill and overlooking the city. I’ve toured the campus and there are some beautiful buildings up there. I know, I know – most everyone wants it to be developed into affordable housing, retail, etc. But the Defense Intelligence Agency is right below St. E’s, and Marine One’s close-in base is right there at Bolling AFB, so no matter how much begging and pleading goes on, there won’t be any public use of the land except maybe some weekend open houses. There. Thanks for listening.

  • o2bncdg,
    I’m banking on that DHS SE move. I own a bit of property right near there. Isn’t that move a ways off? Like 10 years or so…

  • Rant – Spend Friday the 13th in the ER because of a dog bite.
    Rant – The dog was my own.

    Rave – I have a wonderful friend spent Friday the 13th in the ER with me
    Rave – I have a great MD who has called me every day to see how I’m doing.

  • Vonstallin

    Another year celebrating Singles Awearness Day at home….

    Met two Cathlic U girls friday night walking home from Adams.

    Went to Euphoria on 9th street for my friends B-Day Party and had a blast…Von The Kissing bandit struck again.

    Did my Taxes today at H&R Block on the ave… The women are good. They were able to figure out how to claim my race losses and got a 5 digit tax return 🙂

    Tax Lady Made my day…I have discount coupons for H&R Block is anyone wants to go.

    Lance Armstrong did his first official race this weekend/week at The Tour of California….

  • Rave: my partner finally let us purchase a 32″ flat screen TV and we got the wii to go along with it! I’m moving up from my 19″.

  • rave: i interviewed (and most likely got) a part time job that is pretty much work from home and will let me sock away quality cash for grad school and also uses my degree

    rant: it pays more per hour then my current full time job which wont be offering me any kind of raise this year.

  • Rant: The car I bought last week turned up missing this morning. If anyone sees a 99 light green Dodge Intrepid around with VA dealer plates, please let me know as I hope to update this blog with a rave when/if its found..

  • rant–I’m bummed that PoP didn’t post the info on the Barnard Elementary open house that he was sent from Petworth Parents

    rave–I’m betting we’ll see it posted soon 🙂

  • Nate – – The USCG has already selected a building design (we’re going to be in “new construction”). The project has been on the table for years – – and the money just fell out of each budget – until now. I’m thinking final site work, ramp work off of I-295 and all the other prelim stuff can be done within a year. Construction completed in about 2 years. That’s 3 years – – and our lease at Buzzards Point expires in 5 years, I think. Should work just fine.

  • o2bncdg – I know this is somewhat weird but what part of the Coast Guard do you work for? I have an application in for a civilian position there and am hoping to get it referred to a hiring manager!

  • globalizati –

    Try the modern times open mic friday evenings. it’s a great group of musicians and chill little coffee place/bookstore.

  • Kojo was in the house when we ate an early v-day dinner at Fusion.

  • Mar – – it really doesn’t matter who you know. The CG is very democratic and transparant when it comes to hiring. The elibibility list is scrubbed by HR for qualifications, points, etc. before going to the office that needs the individual. If you make the list, it’s up to that office to call you for an interview. Unfortunately, if you don’t make the final list, the CG is woefully inadequate in advising people – or at least they were. Good luck though. It’s a great organization!!

  • o2bncdg – Good to know. Heres to hoping for a good stable job in this economy. Thanks a lot.

  • I realize this is late, but…

    Rant: fair weather bicycle commuters who endanger, embarrass, and annoy those of us who ride year round and know what we’re doing.

    Rave: Cold weather has driven them back indoors!

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