PoP T-Shirts Continue To Travel The Globe

NoahPOP, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is from Noah who “styled a PoP t-shirt in sunny Guatemala City this past week”. Nice.  If anyone is going on an international trip shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up with a t-shirt to be photographed.

This is a good example of the men’s t-shirt for those who haven’t seen the new one’s yet. And here’s a shot of the new women’s t-shirts.

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  • Move over Flat Stanley, there is a new Flat PoP in town!

  • Dude, that guy is a PoP doppelganger. Seriously freaky. I thought that was you PoP and wondered, when the hell did you get time recently to go on vacation?

  • Can’t even get one in the states and this guy brings it to S. America. Dang.

  • Guatemala is not in South America Anon 9:16!!!!

  • I have both a guys t and a girls’ t and I find I wear the guys t all the time! I LOVE IT!!!

  • I like the guy’s t-shirt so much more! Can you make the guy’s t-shirt in girls’ sizes? Pretty please? (And no, a small man’s shirt is generally not the same as girls’ sizes).

  • Prince Of Petworth

    What am I going to do with the 120 women’s t-shirts I still have!?!

  • Perhaps other ladies will want those? I just really really really like the boyzzzz shirt! Or, maybe you can make a big tent out of the ladies’ shirt and call it POP art? So how small is the boy’s small???? Small enough for a girl?? Me want! I’ll wear it on my next vacation.

  • I saw someone wearing this shirt taking a doody in public.

  • in Bollywood…

  • How large do the women’s sizes go? Does Vancouver count as a foreign country? I’ll take one with me to Canada, eh.

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