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  • Nicest mailman in town!

  • He is so nice.

  • I’ve never met him but he’s also super cute.

  • Mr. Mailman is one of the reasons I love Petworth. I talk with him most days he comes by, usually around 6pm for our block, and he’s the nicest guy. We’re currently sharing parenting tips as he has an infant daughter too. He’s also not afraid of Taxi Dog, who sometimes forgets who Mr. Mailman is and barks at him.

  • Derek is the postman for my block. He’s also a homeowner and likes to hang out at the Home Depot. Let me say how much I appreciate living where we know our postmen by name!

  • Hey, that’s my mailman too! I love talking to him through the window during the summer when I’m sitting in the living room. And I love how he hops from porch to porch rather than running up and down the stairs.

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