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  • I rode on it when they were doing track maintenance on the yellow and blue lines. The only differences between these and the old ones are 1) it’s newer 2) the outside looks different. other than that, they’re configured the same on the inside.

  • They are the new 62′ articulated New Flyer Hybrid/Electric buses. They are pretty cool looking and the colors won’t show the dirt, like the old white ones!

  • They have been running some of these new ones on the 70/71 lines recently… I’ve seen them but haven’t had the opportunity to ride one yet.

  • Bring back the trolley lines!

  • articulated buses are very common in big cities. they hold significantly more people and it’s a smooth ride. they’re common all over los angeles. i’m still hoping that we get a network of bus only lanes througout the city and then we’ll be a’rockin!

  • DC used to have a lot of rush hour bus/bike only lanes on major arteries, but they did away with them some time in the late ’80’s I think. We now have them for just a few blocks on 7th & 9th St NW, but they’re completely useless. Everyone drives in them and there’s absolutely no enforcement – my guess is this is why we gave up on them last time.

  • They are running them near potomac ave metro…not sure were they go to but its pretty funny watching it take tight corner.

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