Petworth Gets New Flower Shop on Georgia Ave.


I just noticed that the corner spot at 4424 Georgia Avenue is getting a flower shop called Mother Virginia’s (the store is named after the owner’s mother). It is located next to the Ethiopian restaurant, Abol. It hasn’t yet opened yet because they are still waiting for their certificate of occupancy. Ah, you got to love DC’s bureaucracy. They hope to the proper certificate by Valentine’s Day, for obvious reasons, but they’ve been told many times before the documents are imminent. Anyway, I think this is a great addition to Georgia Ave.! I’ll post a note when they open up.


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  • Nice, lets hear it for some variety.

  • I LOVE the logo. Very creative. Wish I’d thought of it.

  • support vending in the city! buy your valentines day roses from a street vendor.
    Much better prices!

  • And a lot (not all of course) of the street vendors sell craptastic quality flowers. If you want to support District business people , then support shops like this one that is about to open, or Little Shop of Flowers in Adams Morgan or Lee’s Flowers down on U St.

  • go back to adams morgan and take your yuppie flower shops with you.

  • Yeah, what’s with all the flower shops in DC, seriously. Practically one on every corner it seems like…I don’t like it.

  • boo hissssss! i hate flowers too! and puppies! go to hell, the lot of you daisy wielding scum!

  • It’s terrific to see these smaller buildings along Ga Ave being put to good use (such as Abol and the 3 businesses in the building Flip-it is in, Moroni & Fusion, Flyy, and some of the remodeled salons further down). I’d prefer more small businesses to the boarded up storefronts. Best of luck to MV — I hope you all do quite well.

  • Wow! What’s the cross-street? Please let us know when they open.

    LOL christopher

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I think the cross street is Allison. I will def. update when they officially open.

  • I love the look on the guy’s face in the photo.

  • i suspect the real shame is that the flower shop’s Certificate of Occupancy is being delayed because the paper work is sitting underneath some morons desk…at DCRA.

  • I think it is great that business owners are finally taking interest in upgrading Ga Ave. A much needed service indeed for the revival of the Petworth neighboorhood, I welcome MV with open arms and best of luck to all! Great logo too!

  • lol to the anon dude – i have to agree with you on this one – the dcra moron sitting on the c of o

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