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  • Oh boy! Is that Art Deco! I love the curves of the railings and the step down on the upper section.

  • The house numbers are also quite art deco. Dope.

  • The windows and door on the wall behind are not art deco, though, so I doubt the whole building could be called ‘art deco.’

    The railings certainly are, and I’ve seen similar railings in other art deco buildings. It looks like someone at some point changed out those items that are easily changed (numbers, handrails, anything that isn’t part of the actual structure) to be more art deco, and did a good job with what they had.

  • all they need to do now is paint in pastels and we’d be transported to miami

  • Mmm love the Deco! Ugh, no pastels please… the Peach Pit can stay on a soundstage in LA. (ps my name is Lindsey S, too. weird.)

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