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The Restaurant, Social, coming to 14th and Meridian has a facebook page. You can also become a “fan of PoP” on facebook here.

Here is a fan of Pan Lourdes: new 14th Street bakery. You can read more about Pan Lourdes here and here.

Does anyone know of a company in DC that refurbishes old clawfoot tubs?

Not from the forum section but a reader would like to know if anyone has some info on “What was happening at Gallatin around nh tonight (Feb. 17th) at 7? There were tons of cops and helicopters circling.”

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  • Re: the helicopter at Gallatin from the MPD-4D Yahoo listserv:

    Officers were chasing a subject on foot. The subject is wanted on a misdemeanor warrant. The helicopter was used to assist. Subject was not apprehended.

    Commander Linda Brown
    Fourth District

  • I don’t want to create a username and password to reply to a post, so I will just leave it here:

    For the poster looking for a company who can refurbish clawfoot tubs: You might want to try Eight Bros. . They specialize in exterior work on historical buildings, but my neighbor used them for kitchen restoration and they did a wonderful job. My condo association hired them to repoint bricks on our 1910 rowhome and they were excellent. Expensive though so watch out. If they can’t help, they will certainly be able to point you in the right direction. Very high-end, quality, company.

  • there’s a big “for lease” sign on the Social building. What’s that about?

  • My daughter got home last night – 13th and Gallatin – and called to tell me that there were a bunch of cops with a bunch of teenagers hanging about in front of my house, but that they seemed to be laughing and joking around. Glad to here that it wasn’t serious.

  • Domku has a facebook page now too!!!!!!

  • If you only need the inside of the tub to be refinished, you can have it ‘re-glazed’ with a new finish. I did that with a non-clawfoot tub that had cute detailing, but was a little old and stained. No amount of bleach was getting it clean. It takes about a week to cure and set. The glazing subcontractor did a good job, but my general contractor botched it up, so the job I had had to be redone and it remained soft for at least a month. Once the tub was declared ready to use, a full shampoo bottle left a slight indented ring in the surface of the tub.

    Just something to keep in mind. I am glad I did it to preserve the architectural detail on the original tub, but buying a new tub would have been cheaper and less of a headache in the end.

  • re: the for lease sign, social is only taking up the bottom two floors, so I assume that pertains to the top floor

  • Mapgirl,

    Do you mean it takes a week to re-glaze a bathtub?

  • Help, PoP. Link won’t work for Facebook, and all I can find is your personal profile… ??

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry PabloMa, I just checked the link again and it seemed to be working.

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