Mocha Hut on upper 14th Street Becomes Highlands

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Wuh? I hadn’t heard about this before. Back in May the original Mocha Hut (coffee shop) in 14th Street Heights reopened. Well, now I’m really confused. Does anyone know if they just changed names or if ownership changed? Who’s got the scoop?

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  • No idea when the name and ownership changed, but I will say they have a suprisingly good porkchop on the menu.

  • The owner told me a few months ago that she had handed over control of the restaurant to the chef — the big friendly latino guy. I think she just said “do what you want with it” and stepped aside.

  • Ownership changed. The new chef/owner is great – I think his name is Jose – incredibly friendly service, family run and the food is quite good. They started out co-located in the space with Mocha Hut operating during the day and Highlands taking over at night. Now it is one thing.

    Brunch is terrific and the sandwiches and dinner foods too.

  • anyone know what is going on with cocolibre on sherman ave?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sadly, after a very short run Coco Libre has closed at Sherman and Harvard Streets. They write on their Web site:

    “We would like to inform all of our customers and supporters that, unfortunately, we had to make the hard choice to close our shop at 786 Harvard Street. This is due to forces beyond our control. We anticipate moving to another location, so please check back to get an update on where to find us and our products. Thank you to the community and take care.” (Thanks to a reader for sending.)

  • Seems like the place was open when you took the pic.. why didn’t you just go in an ask? 😉

    ps. I am sure there was a reason you didn’t.

  • where is this?

  • does this mean no more poetry nights

  • Didn’t Mocha Hut close years ago?

  • Mocha Hut paved the way for Mocha Ground, which cleared
    the way for Highlands.

  • I don’t care what they call it, as long as it stays how it is! I love this place. I recommend the Stallworth sandwich– baked chicken with curried mayo on some kind of fancy bread. Mmmmdrooling.

  • bogfrog – it is on 14th b/n Crittenden and Decatur

  • It’s nearly the same as the Mocha hut, though service is better. They added a TV and lost the mood music. I think I preferred the music. The waffles are the best. It seems to me that business is down, and I haven’t seen a lot of the regulars I used to see there.

  • The new owner is Mo and Audrey the owner of the building and founder of Mocha Hut asked him to come in start a restaurant in the evening and keep the cafe open during breakfast and lunch. Mo is an Executive Chef at Hotel Lombardy and he makes everything from scratch (soups etc!) The food is outstanding and he has added some new items (like burgers) for lunch. The beer and wine liscence is pending but please come and support this great local independent gem.

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