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  • Super creative and tasty chocolate treats. LOVE this place. And don’t go to sleep on the savory pastries… delicious.

  • It’s L’ocolat, I believe (maye without the apostrophe, but definitely no ‘e’ at the end).

    They did our wedding cake in November, which came out great. Niel (the owner) is super nice and obviously very talented. I’ve only had some of the chocolate truffles there (aside from the wedding cake, obvs), but they were all delicious.

  • Actually I believe it’s LOLcat.

  • Locolat is the real deal. Real artisanal chocolate. Two thumbs up.

    Also, keep the cacao tree in mind too, real artisanal chocolate, available by delivery with a shop to open relatively soon.


    all the other chocolate places in DC are just re-sellers, not artisans or pastry chefs.

  • Chocolate chip cookies???? Please say yes.

  • Anon. 12:47, I think that every time I walk by that place!

  • I can has choklits?

  • Great sweets and drinks, but I couldn’t get over the uncomfortable seating and way-too-loud and mind-blowingly inappropriate dance music.

    So close, but no.

  • Yummy but VERY expensive!

  • Isn’t the cacao tree part of DC Direwolf’s empire?

  • I have to agree with the expensive part…$3.50 for a rather small cupcake?! If you shop smart, it doesn’t cost you much more than $3.50 to make an entire batch of your own. This whole cupcake thing is out of hand.

  • DCDireWolf, please keep us posted on Cacao’s opening. I look forward to organizing a boycot at that time. The last thing we need in our ‘hood is one more yuppie choclotier taking valuable space away from potential community centers!

  • Anon, don’t sweat it – the failing economy will take care of these places. I’m guessing chocolate shops/cupcake places/frozen yogurt stores will be first, then yoga studios, etc.

  • If you’re going to say something, at least have the guts to do it without going “anon”.

    Boycott away. I love boycotts!

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