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I hope I’m not overloading you guys with Middle Eastern food options! Skewers is located at 1633 P Street, NW. You can see the menu in pdf format on their Web site. It also says Saturday is Belly Dancing Night. Sweet! So first off – how’s the food and atmosphere? Secondly – how’s the belly dancing?

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  • Good atmosphere, great veg options!!! Have missed the belly dancing 🙁
    Only been there on week nights.

  • Skewers is a DC classic (like me). Consistently good food over the years and nice atmosphere!

  • Two thumbs up all around – service, food, atmosphere! They have the best hummus in town! Yummy!

  • It’s one of my favorite places to eat for casual, not too expensive food, in a nice atmosphere.

  • I had a friend who lived around the corner so I went occasionally.


  • I love to go to Cafe Luna on half price pizza night. A perfect place to go on a date.

  • I have probably eaten at Skewers 50 times since the restaurant first opened, and have yet to see any belly dancing. When the place first opened (it must have been close to 20 years ago), it had by far the best cooking in the neighborhood. Since that time, the portions have become smaller and the cooking quality is no longer stellar. While one can find better Middle Eastern cooking — and better values — elsewhere, the kabobs and salads remain reliable and Skewers continues to be a good, moderately-priced neighborhood restaurant.

  • Yum! Yogurt fetta entree is my fav!

  • I love it there. Wednesdays they have Beyond upstairs with good beer relatively cheap and some good music going on.

    I have always loved eating there. They’ve been really consistent for the past 15 years! I used to eat there waaaay back in college in the ’90s’s. I left DC for CA after graduation and I missed it terribly.

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