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Cafe Nema is located at 1334 U St. NW. Back in the day I sang the praises of their affiliated sports bar located upstairs. But I’m wondering what folks think about the original restaurant. How’s the food, atmosphere, etc.? Do they have a good brunch? Any particular specialties that are a must try?

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  • I really like the food her. They have good falafel and hummus. The service is always friendly and the vibe pretty chill.

  • Excellent Shawarma and usually have some live Jazz. Bartender was very cool and had very good suggestions for beer/wine and food pairings. Very chill, as stated above.

  • I really like the place. I’ve been for drinks several times, and always enjoy the vibe and live music when they have it. Only eaten there twice, but was pleased both times.

  • Great 8.95 lunch buffet with Lamb spare ribs, mmm….

  • Mr. SLS plays there sometimes. I haven’t eaten there though.

  • Been going here since I moved to DC 5 years ago. I love the staff and the food. I highly recommend the shawarma and the lamp kalankel (sp?).

  • Nothing beats a chicken shwarma, a Spaten draft and Jazz music at Cafe Nema.

  • Nema changed around their bar/table set-up not too long ago, but preserved – if not enhanced – the slightly underground feel. Very cool atmosphere. I’ve never seen it packed, even with a good jazz band playing. Never had food, but happy to see the comments above. Nema’s one of my U street favorites.

  • I met my husband at nema back in 2004….we love it and go there whenever we can! The Kibbeh (when available) is AMAZING and the shwarma and sambusas are great, too. Go to Nema! keep them in business! I love this place!

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