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  • This is one of my favorite joints in DC! The atmosphere is quite amazing, generally pretty quiet, the service is spectacular, and the food is outstanding. Quite an unsung hero in the DC restaurant universe.

  • Yeah! I can’t believe the number of wine bars DC has now… just a few years ago I remember how hard it was to even find one. I am going to have to check this one out.

  • Solid food and consistent service. My second favorite French restaurant after Montmartre. Both make Bistro du Coin look like a pile of puke. They’re usually snappy enough to get you in and out before a movie or show at the National starts. Off the beaten path enough so that it rarely gets crowded, unlike certain other Penn Quarter restaurants.

  • I’ve only been once, but I wanted to like this place a lot more than I actually did like it. The service and food was nothing special at all, but it was not crowded on a weekend night after an E street movie. I would recommend walking down a block or two to Central instead, but that is likely to be more crowded.

  • One of my favorite restaurants in DC, a hidden treasure.

  • A friend went here for restaurant week. Apparently the lamb’s brain was surprisingly tasty.

  • This has always been a reliably consistent restaurant – especially for lunch on weekends! Wonderful service and great food. A great place to bo before a movie on 7th Street or around the corner at the E St. Cinema. It’s DIRECTLY across the street from Fords Theatre.
    I must agree with monkeyrotica above. This restaurant puts Bistro du Coin to shame. I really liked it at first, but the last time I was there I couldn’t hear the person sitting next to me much less the person across the table. I don’t remember any bistro in Paris where the noise was so loud.
    Bottom line – give Bistro d’Oc a chance.

  • Only been once, but I had a very mediocre restaurant. Service was uneven and unattentive, my beef was cold when it arrived at the table — LONG after my boyfriend’s piping hot dish landed in front of him. That said, our appetizers were very good and his meal was great and he continues to swear by it. I’d have to go back a few more times to believe the hype.

    It is, however, very cute inside. You could almost pretend you were in Paris.

  • My husband and I are huge fans of this restaurant. It’s on the short list of places we take guests. My father, who had lived in France for a while, was impressed that they offered a prune liquor he finds impossible to locate in the U.S. They have a great wine selection and even the stuff you can get by the glass is quite tasty. I love that they usually have quite a few specials along with the solid items on the menu. For dessert, I’m a sucker for the profiteroles in hot chocolate sauce. I highly recommend.

  • Like someone else said, I’ve always wanted to like this more than I did. It’s not just that none of the wines by the glass were actually Occitane varieties or that they said “sure, we’re open” one night and we had to eat our meal while the bus help sprayed Windex on the nearby tables and stacked chairs, it’s that the food has been mostly mediocre.

    On the other hand, they seem to do well with otherwise hard-to-find “specialty” meats: calves brains in brown butter, lemon and capers, and the crepinette (trotters and other odd bits of pig gathered in caul fat and cooked) were both quite tasty.

    Nice space, a decent place to drop by before or after catching something French at the E Street Cinema, but not a go-out-of-your-way spot.

  • They have a weird dry erase board on an easel that they bring around to tell you what the specials are. It’s comical really.

    Service – good for DC
    Food – had the steak and frites, ok, but makes me miss Les Halles. As good as Bistro Francais (G-Town) but not as good as Bistro D’Coin.

  • I pray that no one is actually serving sheep brains in a restaurant. can you say scrapie?

  • Huge fan! I have never had a bad meal there, and the atmosphere is cozy and quaint.

  • Two thumbs up! Not the best French place in town, but it’s great location where you can have a decent meal in relative quiet. The owner/chef’s wife is Thai so there are some Asian twists to the menu. He is additionally from the south of France (thus the D’Oc) and while he may not have wines by the glass from Occitaine, he has many a bottle (and they are relative bargains).

  • My partner and I love this restaurant. We’ve always had pleasant meals here and even started making this our place to go on Christmas Eve with whatever family and friends are in town. There is a fireplace in the upstairs dining room, as well as a smaller private dining room. As far as I know they are the only restaurant in town that serves calve’s brains, which are good if you’ve never tried them! Oh, and the Cassoulet is FANTASTIC!

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