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I’ve been monitoring the progress of this pop up on 10th Street south of Florida Ave. I have to say it’s looking a lot better than I originally anticipated but it still seems a little off. Obviously it still has a little ways to go but so far would you give it a thumbs up or down?

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  • Not too bad. I’m assuming they’re planning on painting the addition to match the original structure though?

  • I just realized that the best I will ever be able to say is not too bad. They just never seem to fit to me. Maybe if the entire block was uniform, it would look better.

  • Up. I’m usually not a fan of these, but there really isn’t much going for any of the adjacent buildings and this one is on par with the rest of the home. i’d be sure to put a sweet roof deck up there, though.

  • I looked at this house a couple years ago when it was for sale, before the pop-up. I think it had been a student rental house. The inside was trashed and the brick wall facing the alley was badly warped and appeared in danger of collapse. I guess that’s why they just started over with the new concrete block wall. It’s unfortunate they didn’t maintain the cornice on the front to match the adjacent houses but these types of row houses are all over DC so it’s not really a major loss.

  • A total abortion

  • okay, here are your options so far:

    “Not too bad”
    “Maybe if the ‘entire’ block was uniform”
    “I’m ‘usually’ not a fan”
    “It’s unfortunate….”
    My favorite, …”total abortion”………Anon, choke yourself.

    To answer the question, I say thumbs up.

    please note the hint of sarcasm in this post, then get over yourself.

  • ok, i’m open, encourage, disparate styles. No need for maintaining historic features- but this is TERRIBLE. To me it seems totally out of scale, and without any redeeming features. Am I seeing correctly that it is block on top of the brick? It just doesn’t work. Perhaps, maybe, it has a nice top floor inside… but that’s about all i can say.

  • Pretty awful, mostly because they didn’t keep the roof line of the row of houses. I think they could have gotten away with it had there been some kind of design element to continue that line. Oh well. It’s not a particularly nice block anyway and, once it’s done, it could be ok. I like the fact that at least some part of the area isn’t bound by historic building requirements. The anything goes element around there has yielded some cool buildings. So you win some, you lose some.

  • what a horrid little structure. imagine living in the house next door and having this built next door. simply horrid.

  • Vonstallin

    hmmmm, maybe it will get better, but thus far it makes my Duck soft…

    TWO THUMBS DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think it works for that shotgun style house. There was no other way to go then up. I do think it would be been more uniformed with the other house it had been a setback style.

  • ugly. ruins the row completely and inexorably.

  • They could totally fix it by sticking glass cubes out the side, along with a few black painted girders and a corrugated tin awning. Then it would look all european and contemporary, by which I mean stupid.

    Must disagree with anon 6:40. I’d call this “partial birth abortion.”

  • Lord have mercy….

    I do wonder at the seeming universal trend in pop-ups to make the 3rd story windows significantly larger than those on the other floors. It put the scale out of whack and makes the fact that it is a pop-up even more obvious. I am convinced that it is just laziness that makes people doing pop-ups not think the plans through.

  • I’m about to move to DC and found a rowhouse in southeast that I’m interested in. Utilising secret spy software (googlemaps) I noticed a pop-up about half a block down that is less than pleasant. What I don’t understand is the size (I remember the super pop-up you pictured), I appreciate high ceilings but the pop-up I’m seeing looks like it’s built in one of two ways:
    1. A single room with 20 ft ceilings
    2. two extra floors with 10 ft ceilings
    This seems ridiculous either way as no one could convince me a narrow four story townhouse is a particularly livable space, and for the sake of aesthetics a third floor with 12 ft ceilings would be both airy and practicle.
    The one I could see myself adding was featured about a week ago, set back from the street and not sticking up too high at all, it had white sides and wouldn’t even be visible from the street.
    As for this, bring the roof down 4-5 ft and do some work blending it in and in 5 years people might not be able to tell anything was added.
    -Although the neighbors won’t forget.

  • I walk by this thing every day during my morning dog walks. I hate, hate, hate it. They stripped the roof line detail and it is totally out of place. The windows are so out of proportion.

  • The windows on the popup level are completely disporportionate to the rest of the building. It looks like a face with painfully exaggerated eyebrows.

    Perhaps if the top floor weren’t so obviously just painted CMU, if it had some sort of architectural decoration that made it blend in, it wouldn’t be so bad. But as it is, it just looks like any other bland CMU square building. An autobody shop; a walmart; a gas station.

  • Once they paint the entire thing one color, I don’t see what’s so bad about it. Is it bad of me to say that I think all of their neighbors should add pop-ups too? Those houses look tiny, they could use more space.

  • This is just a builder spacial built on the cheap. I’m surprised financing was available for this.

    There are so many ways this could have been done well, but they would have cost a little more. This was probably done by a contractor who would never think to hire an architect.

  • An awful grab of all the square-footage they could get without an ounce of care towards style and design. Greed and disdain built from concrete block.

  • I like it. I would have done it slightly differently, like with smaller windows on top, but overall I like it. I actually like the boxiness of it.

  • Completely retarded. The quality of construction is so poor I don’t think it will last the life of a mortgage.

  • i love it! it’s just like the pop up i did in my house! nom nom nom!

  • Let’s see the inside — I want a photo diary!

    Also… what if 3 neighbors got together and all agreed on pop-ups of similar style? would that get the thumbs up?

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