Judging Future Buildings – 14th and S

14th and S

The folks at CSNA have some development news for the development coming to 14th and S Streets, NW.

The DC Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) approved revised plans as presented by the JBG Companies for their mixed-use project at 1800-1818 14th Street, NW (14th and S Streets, NW) on the site of the old Whitman-Walker clinic.

JBG presented revised plans at the February 2009 CSNA meeting, which incorporated comments received from CSNA, HPRB, ANC 2B, Dupont Circle Conservancy, and surrounding neighbors. After the presentation, CSNA voted to support the revised plan as presented. CSNA then shared their approval and support of the project with HPRB.

JBG is the same group developing the hotel at 13th and U Streets, NW that we discussed earlier in the week.

More info and renderings can be found here. How do you think this proposed building looks?

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  • I hope it gets built. Do they have secure funding?

  • Anyone else getting tired of the whole black-steel-girders-emerging-from-a-tan-brick-facade school of architecture? I mean, yeah, it beats boarded up windows and everything, but the style itself seems a little pastiche-ey, like it has no identity of it’s own.

  • I like it! but hope they don’t tear down the old Whitman/Walker building! I think it is that building pictured on the corner of the illustartion, so that is a good thing.

  • zomg it’s not a trader joe’s, lets whine about it. i just hope it doesn’t have a roof deck. whine whine whine.

  • JBG is very well funded, but can’t speak to this project specifically

  • anon:they’re not going to tear down the hudson apartments building, because it’s a contributing structure to the historic district, and i believe it’s landmarked, so don’t worry.

    monkey: so you’re tired of this design, eh? too bad. they offered a more exciting design before, but the “we must have conservative design at all costs” folks at the HPRB shot that one down. sure as hell thought it looked better than this…

  • cool. thanks, IMGoph!

  • Had to go to Google Earth Street View. This looks like it is proposed for corner of Swann and 14th. I guess the laundramat is toast.

  • The rendering is skewed because it is looking at the building from the vantage of the NE corner of 14 & Swann. The former Whitman Walker Clinic building on the NW corner of 14 & S is minimized to a sliver in the rendering, and it is not clear how well the new building will harmonize with the former WWC building, whose exterior will be retained. That said, I don’t think anyone is going to miss the mishmash of nondescript modern commercial structures currently on the W side of 14th St. between the former WWC building and Swann.

  • More half million dollar condos? Can this area really support more?

  • eric in ledroit is fabulous.

  • 2/3 laundry machines in the laundromat are not functioning

  • as a former (recently laid off) WWC employee, I still do not look forward to this hunk of material ruining our area. stop building up!

  • ok, mr. or ms. wwc employee, why would increased density on 14th street “ruin” the area? do you have a good defense for your position?

  • I wager the former WWC employee feels it’s not so much the buildings themselves so much as their OCCUPANTS that are “ruining our area?” Perhaps if said occupants looked/behaved more like the former WWC employee, he/she would have no problem with greater density downtown.

  • I am tired of these buildings. Where does it end? When this part of the city look precisely like Clarendon?

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