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We first looked at the Moderno located at 12th and U back in September but it wasn’t quite completed yet so I thought it was worth another look. I think it turned out pretty well. What do you think about the big windows?

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  • Women’s penetentiary chic will never go out of style. This year anyway. Get back to me in 18 months when this looks totally dated.

  • awesome. however, it is entirely built of wood (vs. concrete). five stories seems a bit tall to me for a wooden structure, wonder how it will age. for the price, i want nice concrete infrastructure.

  • The windows and balconies look fine, but I object ot the huge, blank wall on the opposite side of the building. Terrible.

  • I kind of like it. As to the giant blank wall, I’m pretty sure they weren’t allowed to put windows there because of zoning ordinances that require there to be a certain about of space between two buildings for windows to be allowed.

  • I still think that during the day the building is fairly nondescript. Recently some of the lights in the not-yet completed duplex units have been left on at night. This gives the building a much more attractive — and dramatic — appearance. I nonetheless doubt that the residents of these units will leave the windows uncovered once the units are occupied.

  • I like it, but Moderno is a stupid name.

  • cool building. cool name.

  • the huge blank wall is there because another building will be built against it someday.

  • I went to the open house and the rooms are very small. The closets are teeny tiny and they are too narrow to fit a hanger. They seem poorly planned out.

  • I personally love this building. I’ve toured it, and it’s really unique. The kitchens are amazing. There is so much conservatism and sameness in the DC condo market. It’s nice to see something different.

  • For those have been inside: are the only windows in the condos the front ones? There are none on the side or on the back, as far as I can tell. Seems like it would be really light/sunny in the front and terribly dark and depressing in the back. Seems poorly planned out to me.

  • Daylight wise I think the units are fine. Every room has a window except the bathroom. Closet space seems to be lacking, IMO, though. Not sure about closet depth but the only units I noticed that had even one walk in did so by sacrificing a tub (shower only).

    The kitchens are uber-modern and very high end. I find the high end kitchen to be an odd choice for small 1 bedroom units (everything except the townhouses in the attached structure on the right, and the top floor duplexes are 1BRs). Seems to be a very small target market that would want that look without more space.

  • I’ve been through the building several times. Personally, I think it’s a perfect use of space. The 1 bedrooms and 1 bedroom dens are small, but they are a much better use of space than other condos in the area. The closets are not huge, but the depth is fine and with a closet system they will be more than functional. The more important thing is that there are good furniture and bed walls. The kitchens are the best I’ve seen in the city, and they have a pantry! I’m a 1BR owner and good all the time, so it’s totally worth it. Oh, and as for light, the windows are big and there’s recessed lighting throughout most of the unit… A big plus. I’m definitely a fan.

  • I generally like the industrial-loft-conversion look – in the right context. I can’t understand why people shoehorn that style into residential and commercial areas with their own architectural history and precedents.

  • Thank you for the many positive comments about Moderno. If I may offer a facts about Moderno:
    – Lack of windows on northern and southern walls: Zoning does not permit this in walls on a property line.
    – Windows in back: Someone stated that there are no windows in the back. Of course this isn’t true. There are lots of windows and even balconies in the back.
    – Closets: Every unit has at least a 6-8 foot closet in the master and a coat closet, and most units have large pantries. All clothing closets are a standard 24-inch depth. Also, storage cages in the basement are available.
    – Lack of Space: Although the 1 BR’s and 1 BR Dens are about 645 to 745 SF, they layout very well with a generous, usable breakfast bar, plenty of wall space for a sofa and TV, and an area for a small dinning table. Please come see the model to experience the space.
    – Wood Structure: The buildings first floor above grade is concrete. The there are four full floors above that level. Also significant efforts were used to keep sound transmission between floors and units to a minimum.
    – The look of the building – The objective was to do something the was both contemporary but with traditional elements and materials.

  • Larchie,
    You aren’t suggesting that Moderno is an “industrial loft” are you? There certainly almost nothing that would suggest that style reflected on Moderno.

  • @InTheKnow
    Maybe I’m just not seeing the photo close enough, but the front bays looked like exposed I-beams and plate glass with no muntins.

    I haven’t seen the interior, so my comment was in reference only to that front facade.

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