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I thought this was a really interesting example of two styles mixing. To a certain degree it reminded me of the buildings we judged on Mass Ave. a couple weeks ago. This example is from 16th Street, I didn’t catch which embassy this (my weakness in flag identification is well documented). But the building itself is super cool. If you look to the right hand side you’ll notice a more modern styled addition. I think it came out pretty well. What do you think – thumbs up or down?

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  • lithuania, i believe

  • Yep, Lithuania. I like the addition.

  • It is indeed the Lithuanian embassy, which had to sell the other half of their embassy building during the Soviet occupation. here is an excerpt from the embassy’s homepage.

    “The mansion on the Sixteenth Street owned by the Lithuanian Embassy since 1924 is the building longest owned without interruption by a single embassy in Washington, D.C. Designed by architect George Oakley Totten, Jr. it was built on behalf of Mary Foote Henderson in 1909 as part of the original Embassy Row. Due to the United States’ non-recognition of Lithuania’s occupation by the Soviet Union the Legation continued to function and the building stood for many years as a symbol of Lithuania’s statehood.” More info can be found here. http://www.ltembassyus.org/popup2.php?item_id=260

  • To add more to the posting above and to clarify, this emabssy building was literally cut in half and demolished to build the horrific apt. buidling to the left in the pic above.

  • nine times out of ten thats just an elevator added to the building to comply with ADA

  • It looks like it has a pop-up. Where is the vinyl siding?

  • You can see the back from Mozart — looks like they added some really nice balconies back there. Thumbs up!

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