January Home/Condo Sales


Thanks again to DC realtor Kevin Wood for compiling this list of home/condo sales for zip codes – 20011, 20010, 20009 and 20001. Click below on “January Sales” for the full list in pdf format. Please let me know if there are other zipcodes you’d like included in future home sales reports.

January Sales

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  • WOOWOOO! The foreclosure on my block finally sold! Even if at a really low price…

  • wow, amazing NOTHING is selling in Parker Flats 🙁

  • not necessarily. the developers don’t always put their listings into the MLS. often they handle the sales themselves–

  • Is it a good thing for property values that *nothing* in my immediate vicinity ever goes up for sale? I’d love to get an idea of what mine might go for, if and when we sell, but seriously… my neighbors are all in it for the loooong haul, aparently.

  • WDC,
    Same sentiment here. Only 2 houses have sold in my block in the 6 years I have been living here. Both were due to someone dying or too elderly to live there anymore.

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