I’m Happy and Sad That The City Has Such A Team

DSCN6641, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I saw this team removing graffiti from street signs on 11th Street. It looked like absolutely miserable work. They basically spray some god awful chemical on the graffiti and scrub like hell. I’m going to give props to the folks who perform what could be one of the most thankless jobs in the city.

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  • I can’t figure this out: is it fitting or is it ironic that they have such low-budget livery on their van?

  • I’d be willing to fund a RABID RESPONSE TEAM, which would be a group that runs around freaking out at random items. Yes! This must happen immediately! Who’s with me?

  • Maybe we could get some local taggers to spruce up their van a little bit…

    As for “thankless”, I saw them in my alley a week or two ago, and thanked them with much enthusiasm! They were super nice about it. No metro-employee-style grunt accompanied by dead-fish-stare. It was a good encounter.

  • saf

    Oh man, IA, I am SO with you!

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