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DSCN6465, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These are located on the hill halfway between Mt. P and Cleveland Park on Porter. They remind of the Berkshires in Mass.


I’ve shown the one below before but I thought this angle of how the home fits onto the hill was pretty sweet:


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  • This is extremely well done. The did well using piers to ‘float’ sections of the house over steep terrain without the need to disturb the site. I also applaud how they changed direction of the siding, using a broad horizontal on the main facade with the wide views, and the vertical on the upright sections that draw your eye up into the tree canopy. The fenestration is well laid out and proportioned on all sides of the house. And the balconies break up large massing, add depth and shadow, and create lots of people-sized places. Excellent!

  • wow, that’s how the other half live

  • i was totally thinking the same thing as larchie. splendid!

  • If I’m not mistaken, Larchie, these are pictures of at least two different houses. Many of your points still stand, though — these are beautifully designed to take advantage of their surroundings.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    These are actually three different houses. Sorry about that.

  • i was totally thinking the same thing as iammrben. fantastic!

  • I just had an awesome house orgasm. Now back to my humble 1 1/2 bedroom rowhouse.

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