Great New Service Coming To Georiga Ave.

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Career Gear located at 3320 Georgia Ave. is an organization that provides suits for men seeking employment. They also provide career counseling, and interview coaching. You can learn more about the organization here. I spoke with executive director, Louis Henderson, who explained that folks don’t just walk in off the street but are sent through a referral service. Seems like a great mission, I’m glad to see such a cool organization open up on Georgia Ave.

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  • Do you know if they accept donations? I have a few extra suits that I’d like to give away, and I’d prefer that I know they’re going to people who need suits in particular.

  • Nice…I have a few suits that I’ll be donating.

  • It is very unlikely that the people they are fitting with suits will need a suit for an interview. Or even at all. I NEVER wear suits to work. Or to an interview. If someone is saying they can’t find work due to a lack of a suit, then a suit is not going to solve his/her problems.

    Most DC employers will tell you that hiring is so difficult because they can’t even get people to show up consistently, on time, read, comprehend, and follow directions. This organization should work on the CORE problem. An unemployable applicant in a suit is STILL an unemployable applicant!

  • I am very confused. How do their services differ from The Men’s Wearhouse, or at the more budget-conscious end of the spectrum, the Value Thrift?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Here is an example from their Web site:

    “Drugs, crime and abandonment surrounded Derrick as a child. Unable to escape his external influences, he found himself incarcerated for bank robbery. Upon his release in 2004, Derrick re-entered his community with only $14 and the clothes on his back.

    Determined to change, Derrick sought help at a workforce program and later was referred to Career Gear. He was given a suit, interview coaching and support while he searched for employment. “I had not felt such confidence in a long time; it made me remember the times when I dressed better,” he said.

    Derrick landed the job and continues to participate in Career Gear’s alumni program. For Derrick, the future is brighter.”

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