Good Deal or Not? Stairs Edition


This home is located at 1116 Fairmont Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“This rowhome in the heart of the Columbia Heights / U Street Neighborhood boasts four bedrooms, three baths, separate dining room, living room, large gourmet kitchen with adjacent breakfast room, finished attic playroom / studio and a finished basement and 2 car GARAGE! Just steps 2 Metros, the U Street Corridor, new restaurants, bars, Target, DCUSA and the Tivoli Theater, enjoy DC at its finest.”

More info and a virtual tour found here.

This is an intersting one because it has 4 bedrooms at 2.5 bathrooms. And while I do dig the location I’m curious what you think of the price – $699,000. Good deal? What do you think of the house itself?

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  • people bemoan stairs a lot ive noticed. My house has a lot of stairs leading up to it too and I gotta say. I love it. first off. more often than not the back alley is more at level with the house. so its not like you have to lugg groceries up the stairs all the time. second. I actually ENJOY walking up the stairs. gets the heart pumpin. you should see the calves on my 68 year old neighbor… and lastly. the view from the porch is so much better. looking down on the minions. its like being up in a castle or tree house. what really gets me though are the people who say “can you imagine having to move in all your stuff up those stairs.” spare me. yr lazy.

  • Everytime I see a Sotheby’s sign I immediately say not worth it.

  • Hear, hear, Anon 1:09

  • This isn’t worth 699,000… The economy sucks and this price doesn’t reflect reality.

  • Ha! When I saw the title, I immediately thought of you, Drewlove. (I’m not going to ask what they cost to repair/replace last summer.)

  • Would be worth it for $525k

  • I suspect this won’t go for much less (maybe $650). It’s a nice house (and great staging) in a nice part of CH. Move-in ready.

  • Anon 1:36 here. I take that back after taking the “virtual tour.” This house is worth nearly the asking price. It’s beautifully and tastefully restored. Looks like something you’d see in Dupont

  • it’s gorgeous! updated without gutting the orginal details!

  • yeah the first floor is very nicely restored. look closely on the second floor and you see phone wires drilled through door frames, etc, but that’s to be expected in an old house. very nice, i think the price is pretty solid.

    also – some brilliant real estate agent has learned to use a wide angle lens when taking the home tour photos. a lot of them make the houses look tiny because they use a regular or zoom lens. fools!

  • At this location you’re surrounded by projects. And guess what? Project children that will beat you and rob you blind… I guess if you find that as part of the excitement then by all means spend top dollar to live next to people that don’t pay anything to live in crappy section 8 dwellings.

  • whoever “staged” this (if it is staged) needs to come over and help me redecorate my house.

  • the location isnt steller though not as bad as that debby downer “your a pickle would have you believe.” . the house is great. though a little stuffy for my tastes. I HATE the whole red paint thing. its like everyone does it to be like “im not affraid of color check THIS out. im BOLD” but walking along at night and looking into peoples houses it is like the most overused color ever and it gives me the willys. fess up who many of you have a loud red like that in your houses?

  • your a pickle is always debbie downer… PoP should have any audio of “mwwoopp mwwawwww” every time he/she posts.

  • Where are the bathrooms? Not only are they not pictured, but it looks like they took the one on the second floor and turned it into the nursery.

  • someone totally staged this .. or not? beautiful house. i wonder where they are moving… probably anacostia . just my guess.

  • It’s lovely. A agree with Herb- whoever did this, please come over and decorate my place 🙂

    I hope it get’s the full price! My only concern, as a potential buyer would be with the status of the plumbing and electrical. It looks it doesn’t have central air/heating, which means that it may have never had any significant electrical updates- or plumping. And those old plaster wall, while beautiful, can make updates of this nature very expensive. So- as a buyer, I’d want to check that out and, if necessary, factor that into the value of the house, as the current asking price kind of seems like a price for a house with updated “guts.”

    But this house will quite possible lure in a buyer with it’s prettiness and character.

  • eric, the pics were taken by a professional photographer (any time you see a homevisit tour, they send their own peeps with real photo equipment).

    They did a beautiful job getting this ready for market.

    For anybody who seriously is interested, some staging companies will work with your existing furniture and do a home makeover for not all that much $.

  • I adore this house. I third the “Please come decorate my house” comment. I think this is a pretty good deal.

  • I think they are counting the upstairs porch as a bedroom, and the downstairs porch as a breakfast room. Those enclosed porches are nice, but often don’t flow very well with the original house. Also, the living room looks kida small for the price. I think that staging job really hides some functionality issues.

  • P.S. Stairs are a great deterrent for Solicitors and other such unwanted guest.

  • Jackie- I’m totally going to quote that the next time my mom comes over and makes some sort of “Oh my, there sure are a lot of STAIRS!” comment. God bless her, the woman thinks that ramblers are gift from the heavens above. But I have to admit, I lose a little bit of respect for able-bodied adults who complain about a flight of stairs. An 8-story walk up? Okay, I can see that’d be a pain, but a flight?!?

  • I for one will give a beat down to any ahole that tries to make my house look like that. you people have no taste. looks like crate and barrel took a shit in there and then my grandma came by and hung some crap on the wall. the previous owners must have been republican.

  • I like when im watching house hunters and people go to check out a two story house and go. “oh stairs. I dont know. Id have to carry my laundry”. it really makes me wonder where we are heading as a species. And to the people who think this house is decorated to perfection. You need to check out the Apartment Therapy blog and get learned…

  • Other than the bricked-over fireplaces, I like it, and I think it’s priced to move. This is a very nice-looking block, too, if I remember correctly — a real oasis among some otherwise crummy blocks. And a 2-car garage, too?? Nice. I grant this a rare “Deal” designation.

  • “bricked-over fireplaces”?

    There were likely never any actual working fireplaces in the house. They were more probably flue vents for the original coal furnace. The “bricked-over” you see looks like an original panel made to look like the original encaustic tiles that are sometimes seen in the vestibules (I envy anybody who still has their original vestibule tiles.)

  • im just torn. the house is fine if a little uninspired. but. 700,000 is a TON of money. I just dont think I could plunk down that kind of chedder in that location. I know this house would be more in mount pleasant or adams morgan. But im sure you could get something damn close to it. and then spend 10 grand on the finishes. Its just like the old rule of thump. never be the most expensive house in the hood

  • The house sold for $578K in 2004. Isn’t it a little optimistic to think you’ll get 100 grand more than what it sold for virtually at the peak of the market?

    Unless they did a ton of work – and at 578K you have to assume it was already renovated, I don’t think houses on Fairmont ever got much more than that – it seems like pure fantasy.

  • It is fantasy. Just wait and see, kids will be throwing rocks at you in the Spring.

  • Its a gorgeous house but enough to appreciate 20% when housing prices have dropped so much? Questionable.

    I too noticed the lack of bathroom photos and the apparently different heating systems.

  • “mwwoopp mwwawwww”

  • I know this is also a nicer house, but its amazing what crossing west of Sherman does to the price.

  • for 629 you can get a pretty nice house (but only 3 bedrooms) in a better location, nearer metro on Otis Place

  • I have a friend who bought one of those rowhouses in 2002 for under $200, so I’m assuming by 2004 it must have been renovated at $575. So I think it’s overpriced. That block, however, is a rare oasis in the crap that surrounds it.

  • You folks have lost your minds. Find me a fresher house with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a big fat finished basement at a lower price and I”ll buy it sight unseen. I could drunk skip up to Wonderland and log roll down to U Street. Someone buy me a jumbo slice on the way. This house is a good deal for anyone seriously looking at the market.

  • You’re a Pickle and I am 2 said: “It is fantasy. Just wait and see, kids will be throwing rocks at you in the Spring.”

    Either you are awfully young (in age or maturity) or you are in need of attention. Or perhaps simply miserable. Or maybe a troll. In any even, annoying at best with the negativity.

  • “I could drunk skip up to Wonderland and log roll down to U Street. Someone buy me a jumbo slice on the way.”

    CapHillCouple, I need to hire you to do my marketing 🙂

  • Thanks for all the responses above. This is the first house I have had on GDON so its been interesting to see the feedback.

    Our in-house design team did the staging and we had a professional photographer (not Homevisit) do the photos.

    Thanks to PoP and the commenters, even the crazies!


  • Hi John.

    I didn’t know you could provide outside photos to Homevisit for the tour, so that is interesting.

    Looks good!

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