Good Deal or Not? Fixer Upper Edition


This home is located at 3546 Rock Creek Church Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“This single family home is waiting for your touches. Home is sold strictly as-is. Seller will make no repairs. Home features 3 possible 4 bedrooms 1 possible 2 full baths, parking in rear of yard, upper and lower entry to home. Large living room, separate dining room, partially finished basement. This is perfect for investors or contractors”

More info but sadly no photo found here.

I think this is a great location as it’s close to the Petworth Metro but also close to all the development on 11th Street. But for a clear fixer upper the asking price may be a bit high. Do you think $399,000 would be a good deal or not? What would be a more realistic price?

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  • I wouldnt say its horrible. you mapped it a block closer to the metro than it really is btw. That stretch of RCC rd serves one side as an ally and one side as a street. that may be a turn off to some. its also a small lot. parking but no yard at all. also. in the files of thank god i live in a historic neighborhood. I would really be bothered by the house nextdoor that enclosed its porch with vinyl siding and a tacky suburban door.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s actually mapped with the correct address I’m not sure why they made it look a block closer to the metro.

  • Probably a bit high, but the location close to the Metro is a selling point. With fixer-uppers like this, I always ask myself whether I’d pay the ultimate cost of the property (contract price + necessary/desire renovations) for my own home or be able to see clear to a return on it as an investment property. If they’re not putting pictures and are that crystal-clear on its “as-is” status, I’ll guess it needs a minimum of $100k work done, so you’re probably really looking at 500k out of pocket, at least. In this market, I’d probably think that was too steep for my own living, but you might come close if you treated it as a rental property and converted it to a group house. Depending on room size and how it was renovated, you probably could get in the neighborhood of $2500/mo leasing it as a 4-room group house, which combined with tax savings may be close to covering your mortgage and construction loan. So maybe I can see this, but I have to squint really hard. It will sell for much less, I’m willing to bet.

  • No flipper is going to pay 399 for that house. The whole point of flipping is to make a profit. Where is the profit? People are almost giving away houses these days, why would a flipper waste time on that?

  • POP- just noticed one of the modern mtp townhouses you featured for its front parking is for sael GDON?

  • I don’t think this is a good deal. That block is not that nice. I used to live just south of there on 10th and Otis. It would be a good deal around $250,000-ish. And please NO MORE FLIPPERS!!!!!!! They ruin these houses and do almost everything on the cheap.

  • I agree with Pickle. That block gets sketchy at night. I live over on tenth and take the long way to avoid that street when walking from Safeway. I attribute that to the time there were kids on the street throwing rocks at people.

  • Pickle, I agree with you: NO MORE FLIPPERS! There are too many houses that have had all the woodwork and plaster removed, only to replaced with whatever Home Depot has on special.

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