Final Update On DC’s Auction of Vacant Buildings


In case you missed it, some readers sent a good round up earlier in the week. I just received an email:

“Not to beat a dead horse but here is a link for a PDF with all the prices for the homes at the auction.”

So for those curious about all of the properties auctioned you can find the sales prices here.

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  • Interesting — from the WaPo article one would get the impression that most of the houses went in the 300s and 400s, but this list shows that the majority were under 300. Does anyone else think that WaPo tends to paint the DC housing market as rosier than it actually is?

  • Anon, My opinion is that the better-than-expected success of this auction actually reinforces the strength of our housing market. Keep in mind that these are all “before” prices. If developers are willing to buy them, there is some confidence that there is actually an “after” market. (Not that all the buyers were investors…anybody who is an end user probably got a pretty decent deal.)

  • We’re still so disappointed that the house at 627 Keefer was mysteriously withdrawn from the auction at the last second for no good reason. This house has been abandoned for more than 7 years and the city has been giving all us neighbors the runaround. No straight answers. We finally thought something would happen, but of course, lies.

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