Faux Ads Popping Up All Over Town

DSC00995, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending this one from 13th and Q Streets, NW. I’ve seen a number of them on 14th Street as well. Anyone know who put these up? I found the group below on 14th Street near T.


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  • Zing!

    These are pretty awesome.

  • Do I have to send in my sample drawing of Tippy the Turtle!?!!?!!

  • Book of Comebacks! I need that so I can stop thinking of good comebacks 20 mins. after the fact haha

  • Vonstallin

    kalia, lol that was funny…..

    Those are hot…i love them…DC is such a quirky place haaa haaaa
    wait…I hope my Hood pass don’t get revolk for saying quirky. 😮

  • The phone number listed on the ads come back to Fuse Marketing at 431 Pine St in Burlington Vermont. Maybe that’s where DPW should send the bill for removal? Oh, who am I kidding, that’s what taxpayers money is for…

  • Their clients appear to be mostly big corporate types: Harley, Proctor & Gamble, Mountain Dew, NBC etc. I wonder if this is the same crew that was sticking 1′ square plastic TV show advertising panels to the sidewalks in Adams Morgan a few years ago? I know DPW/DDOT were pissed as hell about that, but not sure if they were able to actually get any fines levied against them.

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