Development at 14th and Florida Ave. NW


I’m always amazed at the contrast of the new buildings with the old school row houses. Incidentally a reader just wrote me:

“No crystal clear development news yet at 14th and Florida, but Jemal has plans for the area. Nice.
Also, Union Row’s Dry Cleaner opened at 14th and V”

From DCmud:

Douglas Development is in the process of acquiring the necessary permits to raze a vacant auto lot at 2221 14th Street, NW. (Ed. Note: at 14th and Florida)According to Douglas Jemal, President of Douglas Development, his corporation acquired the bafflingly named “Latino Auto Sale” five years ago; now, under the creative title of “Jemal’s Hookers, LLC,” he’s planning to scrap it for a new retail development intended to service the increasingly crowded 14th and U Street corridor.

Below is a different angle of the building in the above photo, looks like it could be pretty cool:


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  • This building (View 14) will be amazing-looking.

  • looks awesome. lucky these projects get off the ground. If it were in tenley town it never woulda happened. residents there think low density is their god given right. see the old babes billiards site. was supposed to be 70 condos. then residents nit picked it down to 45 units. then the developer abandoned the idea and sold it off and then it foreclesed and now its going to be rehabed as a single story commercial space… Nimbys love to power trip in this town and it really slows progress. In mount pleasant I was pleased to hear about an awesome renovation of the library. I thought it was too good to be true that our notorious nimbys hadnt killed the proposed 3 story glass lobby addition etc. but then I get an email and the MPNA I guess finally got wind that something was going to change in the neighborhood and they have mobilized to reopen the talks. no doubt the renovations will now not happen for many many years and be a fraction of what was planned. Columbia Heights residents should be pissed too as the MTP Library is right on 16th and lamont so it serves them as well. Columbia Heights residents unlike others ive noticed appreciate development and investment in their neighborhood.

  • The renderings for that building look cool and hopefully the Jamal development will bring some useful retail to this stretch of 14th. What is not cool is the Solea–that nauseating gray cinder and aluminum-sided fallout shelter across the street. I have become increasingly horrified at each step of its construction.

  • John, Solea is not that bad actually (i.e. I think you are wrong… 😉 ), plus its price point is lower so somewhat cheaper materials are to be expected. In any case, its great that more mass is being build around that are, and once thes two and the one coming on top of the old strip mall site, the whole landscape is dramatically changed for the better.

  • to add to Anon 4:15- here are renderings of what was to be a first clase library renovation for MTP-Columbia Heights. If it comes down to it I hope people can mobilize to support it in the face of nimby opposition. I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would have a problem with this kind of positve change. Great for the Kids and Community.

  • I was just wondering if anyone knew when the dry cleaners at 13th and Florida might be opening?

  • all this density coming to 14th and u is so awesome. awesome awesome awesome. did i mention awesome? yay density!

  • Anyone know what’s to become of the old Nehemiah strip mall just North of Solea? The buildings have been torn down recently. Maybe they’ll rename that neighborhood NoSol.

  • no sun.


  • Joe – Last I heard, the Nehemiah spot was to become a nine story or so apartment building. The renderings were bland but generally inoffensive. Who knows whether the developers still have financing, though.

  • Eric and Poo Poo- its 8 friggin stories. no sun? lol. I think the sun will make it over the 8 story mark. Nobody is gonna die of vitamin D defeciancy as a result of this building. But the tax base of the city will increase. and try and keep in mind that building up in places that merit it. such as I dont know CITYS with MASS TRANSIT is good for the environment. Keeping density artificially low to suit your own vision of quaint semi-urban utopia only means trees get knocked down elsewhere to make room. so rather then stand in the way of progress. move when all the sun gets gobbled up by these evil 8 story sky scrapers!

  • Eric, nice to see you finally agree with good urban planning principles!

  • Any chance for a Trader Joe’s in this vicinity?

  • I just hope they add more service to the 14th st bus route to accommodate all of the new residents, but I’m not holding my breath…

  • Anonymous, I doubt it as if I recall correctly from the DCUSA debates, Trader Joe’s has the same idiotic demands as Whole Foods for dedicated parking just for them in the building..

    Plus there is already the Yes! there, and Ellwoods coming to DCUSA…

  • I love that Latino Auto Sale sign. Gotta take a pic before it’s gone…

  • I’m actually somewhat surprised these places are still under construction. Seems like they’ve been going up for a while, at least the one on the west side of the intersection. Is there still demand for either condos or apartments there?

  • Love the first picture.

  • I call that new building at 14th & Florida the Aircraft Carrier. It looks like a huge ship powering in on the little dinghies of the neighborhood.

  • there will need to be more transportation and other infrastructure down there. As much as I love the Target’d Columbia Heights, you can’t help but notice how much of a mess traffic is now, especially on and around the one-way east/west streets. I can just imagine trying to turn onto 14th from Florida in a couple of years (whether in a car, bus, or bike) and finding some epic gridlock mess. Increased bus service would be a start.

  • btw i was not being sarcastic, density near the metro on 14th and U is great for the city.

  • Regarding libraries, I just visited the Petworth library for the 1st time and it’s lovely!

  • I certainly prefer this battleship building over the fugly cruise ship named Union Row.

  • Hey all –

    here is the rendering.

    Not reinventing the wheel here, but certainly is nice to have added density. Now if only developers would spend money on more interesting architecture…

  • JTS- not reinventing the wheel sure. but that beats to hell all the buildings that went up by the CH metro. which may as well be in ballston.

  • Tru. Tru. Could be a lot worse.

  • Does anyone know if any specific retailers have been announced for that area?

  • Heres the website for View 14 (14th and Florida), lots of pictures:

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