Dear PoP – Can Anyone Recommend a Good Barber?


“Have you ever done a post about barbershops in the area? I want to find a reputable shop for my husband. He’s white(ish), which matters in the world of haircare.”

I feel like I may have but it must’ve been a long time ago because I can’t find it. I’ve been a super cuts devotee for a while but I really ought to try some of the local shops. So I’m also interested in what folks recommend. Any regulars of some local spots?  Does it really matter what race you are when it comes to barber shops?  I’d imagine that they are trained and can do good work regardless of your hair type.

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  • Surprisingly, it makes a huge difference! I’ve had two haircuts at local shops since I moved to my new neighborhood. Both were at popular hair cutting establishments, and both turned out terrible.

    I’ve since decided to just let my hair grow out and just have it cut when I visit my visit my parents.

    And for the record, I’m a white male with straight hair that sports a rather typical college guy kind of cut.

  • Diego’s in Dupont all the way

  • I recently switched to Diego’s, at 19th and Q a couple of blocks from the Dupont Metro. Real old-time, Italian-type place. Super friendly. Men’s cuts are $20, I believe, which seems reasonable. I’ve been happy with the cuts I’ve received there, and you don’t need an appointment.

  • Wow, JY just beat me to the punch.

  • I go to the Salvadoran place on Park between 14th and 15th. I forget the name, I think it’s H and S, or M and S or something like that, two letters. Anyway, good cut for 13 bucks.

  • saf

    The husband still goes back to campus for his haircuts – another old school Italian barbershop. Puglisi’s, 2100 Pennsylvania Ave.

    He says they are especially good for the hot lather/straight razor back of the neck shaves.

    Oh, and he’s a white guy with straight hair.

  • The “white-ish” hair spot I know of in the city is Camillo’s in Tenleytown – it’s about a block below the circle next to the 7-11 on Wisconsin Ave. There’s also Loui’s which is in an office courtyard thing at 20th & L, but they’re usually only open during office/weekday hours. Probably one or two on the hill to cater to that crowd, but I’m not up that way much.

  • Invest $50 in a good set of Wahl clippers and never waste $20 on a haircut again. my last barber cut was in 1994.

  • It’s a bit pricey, but I’ve never had a bad cut at Demian on 18th in Adams Morgan. Great soccer conversation with the owner, too.

  • The Grooming Lounge downtown (1745 L street) seems to cater to a white clientele.

    Now if I could just find a good black barber that doesn’t take it upon themselves to give me the style they think I should have.

  • I go to Dante’s in the Crystal City Underground (close to work). He owned the Barber Shop on Kennedy before the white flight. PoP – he would be a very interesting interview.

  • DIEGO’s! – but don’t have Diego cut your hair, have the young Latino kid, or Diego’s wife or the fabulaous Asian woman do it. Diego doesn’t always pay the best attention to the person in his chair, as he seems more interested in socializing with the rest of the clientele.

  • Bryce’s on 8th and E SE in Barracks Row. Good old fashioned barber shop with a great cut. Be careful to clarify that you don’t want a high and tight, though…they cut a lot of the guys’ hair who live on in the marine barracks next door so that’s their usual cut.

  • The Cuttin’ Edge Barbershop in Van Ness on Conn. Ave. 16 bucks, plus straight-edge razor on the neck and sideburns. Be prepared to talk trash about local sports teams to Leo.

  • i have been going to the watergate barber shop for 20 years. it is totally old DC. Italian and portugese barbers that have been there forever. I like Jose the best..a hair cut cost 22 dollars and they do a great shaving cream around the ears etc. If you are a white guy like me its the best. Definately a DC experience,,you never know who will walk in,,celebs etc. try it. Park at the boat house off rock creek pkwy and put a few quarters in. the shop is on the same level as the safeway accross from the watergate bakery

  • I’m whitish and have been going to Melissa’s on Mt. Pleasant St. for the past 8 years. Never got a bad haircut from the haircutters there.

  • My experience with Diego’s has been much different than those previously listed. I found that if I got Diego himself, he did a good job, but I had a lot of problems when employees cut my hair, particularly when they were not particularly fluent in English. Often they would pretend to understand me as I explained what I wanted, and then give me an entirely different haircut. After this happened twice I decided it was worth the upgrade ($30) to go to DSL around the corner. Zhen rocks!

    Speaking of the Grooming Lounge, they gave me the best haircut I ever had in my life, by far. But the only way I was able to afford it was when somebody gave me gift card. You can also booze it up while your getting your trim, but it’s a challenge to hold your whiskey so that your freshly cut hair doesn’t fall into it.

  • My “whiteish” son and husband both go to Puglisi’s on Penn. Ave regularly. In fact, they swear by them. Puglisi’s does a great job, it’s reasonable ($20) and they enjoy the male bonding and camaraderie there.

  • It’s not a barber shop, but I have trusted Trim Salon on the corner of Columbia and Ontario Rd. with my haircuts for years. It’s going to cost you more than $20, but a good bit less than the Grooming Lounge (which I also enjoy). The Grooming Lounge is great for the occasional full-on pampering, hot lather shave, haircut, neck massage, and a good martini while you wait for your appointment. That’s going to cost you upwards of $75, so I personally would only go there for special occasions (got my hair cut there before my wedding, for example.)

  • Not relevant for the original poster, as I’m a woman, but I second Anon 8:24’s recommendation of Trim. It’s pricey, but you get what you pay for – they do a great job, especially on short hair. If you have a short cut, they’ll touch up your hair and take out all the mullet-y bits after 3 or 4 weeks for free. I go to Kelly and she rocks; I also have a friend who really likes Heather.

  • Another Trim recommendation. I would highly recommend Heather, but it’s become ridiculous how far in advance she gets booked up these days and if she gets too many more customers I’m going to have to start making haircut appointments right after I leave Trim.

  • I have my hair cut at the hair cuttery on dupont and most of the times i’m happy with the results. After they raised their prices last year again i decided to try something cheaper. I’ve had a cut at William’s barbershop and it was absolutely horrible, maybe just a notch better than cutting myself. I also had a cut at the shop by the Petworth metro and it was pretty bad as well. I should probably try that shop mentioned by DCDireWolf.

    DCDireWolf, do you tip them?

  • Antons, downtown around 17th and K. You need Batsheba (not sure about spelling). She is an angel sent from heaven to cut honkey’s hair in Chocolate City.

  • I have been going to Connie at Cuttin Up on 9th and M across from the Convention Center for 2 years now and she is great

  • Another vote for Trim, I highly suggest Kellee. She’s great.

  • I go to VSL in Dupont. It costs 30 plus tip but you get a great hair cut. I only get my hair did once a month so $35 isn’t bad.

  • PoP – your blog rocks! I was just running out the door to have my hair cut, but didn’t want to go to Suercuts again so I thought I’d just move around until I found a better place. Thanks for the help – In spite of the good reviews of Diegos, I’m going to hoof it over to try the Watergate barabershop.

  • DC Barber Center

    14th and Randolph

    Go in, sit down, get in line, get your hair cut by Mark, sit back down and finish conversation.

    $20 with tip.

    15 minute haircut will take an hour though. Great place. Old school DC barber shop

  • yes, always tip three bucks.

  • I’m all about Deigo’s in Dupont as well. Been going there for 5 years; never gotten a bad haircut.

  • I’ve been to two old-school barbershops, Camillo’s as mentioned above on Windom Place, and The Georgetown Hair Stylery (I think) near 35th and O. Both are pretty cool old timey places. The latter I think takes reservations and gets a lot of college kids so probably worth making one, but it’s still cheap and fast.

  • My BF goes to Diego’s and absolutely loves it. He used to spend around $50-$60 at some fancy place, but since we moved to the areaa he’s been a loyal Diego’s customer. He’s always got a good story when he comes home.

  • I think hair is one of the few areas where ethnicity actually does make a difference. I’ve got goofy cowlicks all over my head, so I need someone who knows what’s what and will take the time to do it right. Roberto at Tagani’s on 22nd and P in Dupont is awesome – always a great cut, just $20, i can practice my Spanish, and the crew there is very friendly. lots of funny old latin ladies in the day and cute kids running around after school hours.

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