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  • There used to be a day PoP when not every city park was fenced in for all the world not to use. The signs were probably never updated when fences became a part of life.

  • I always make it a point of changing the oil in my El Camino on public land while enjoying a PBR. It calms me.

  • um, the sign is attached to a fence

  • It wouldn’t be on the sign if it hadn’t happened before, and likely multiple times. And really, in DC, I bet you could come up with a MUCH longer list of things people have done in public parks that would blow your mind.

  • The combo was usually on old Caddy and a tallboy, but yeah – back in the day it wasn’t uncommon to see folks changing their oil and such in the parking spots in Rock Creek, Hains Point, etc.

  • clearly you are a transplant. Anyone who lived here during the reign of Marion Mobutu Sese Barry would know what “no car repairs” means.

  • Anonymous 4:34,

    lets work put that list togeter


    Dog breeding (it keeps the up the neighbors)
    Ritualistic Ceremonies involving pyrotechnics

  • “clearly you are a transplant. Anyone who lived here during the reign of Marion Mobutu Sese Barry would know what “no car repairs” means.”

    I am a transplant, heck, I am not even American; nevertheless, I find the adding of African names to es Mayor Marion Barry highly offensive and racist, regrdless of what you might have felt during his tenure as mayor.

    I love DC and I have met great people whilst here but sometimes I find this ugly racism that I just cannot understand. It’s 2009 people. Abre los ojos.

    El Puma

  • “no weapons”. How sad to have to say that. But I guess there might be wild people or animals against which you need to quickly put together a miliatia to defend yourself…

  • This reminded me an old Woody Woodpecker – had to track this down and get a screen capture:

  • I guess filming a hardcore midge-porn version of the movie Alladin is still OK!
    i know what I’m doing tonite in that park!

    Now THAT’s recreation.

  • not a chance for too much chance in this park I guess.

  • El Puma, it might just be that the poster who added “Mobutu Sese” was comparing the Barry administration to the uber-corrupt, incompetent, dictatorial regime of the current “president” of Congo, who has dragged his once-beautiful country to ruin, and not just throwing out random african-sounding words in a racist manner. in many ways, that would be an apt comparison (except i don’t think Barry went so far as to beat and murder rivals).

  • @El Puma

    And I find it racist that you don’t know anything about African History! IF you did, you’d know that Mobutu Sese Seko was the president of Zaire.

    Get over it.

  • @Anon

    And I find your Wikipedia skills lacking; one more click and you would have learned that Zaire is now called the Dem. Rep. of the Congo.

  • @ Geezer

    That doesn’t mean that Mabuto was the president of the Dem Rep of Congo. Mabuto was the president of Zaire, because it was called Zaire at the time of his rule. Anon was correct in his statement.

    @ Anon

    I hardly think that El Puma jumping to conclusion based on his lack of knowledge of Mabuto or African history makes him racist. I am sure many people (myself included) aren’t familair with Mabuto. And given the way several opponents of Obama commonly used his middle name to bring out Arab based racist tendencies in other people, I wouldn’t be surprised if El Puma just thought you were trying to do the same.

  • I know who Mobutu Sese is and like a person stated here Zaire has not been the name of teh Democratic Republic of Congo for decades now. I might be ignorant on African issues, according to you, mas ao menos eu posso falar portugues, que mesmo seja a lingua imperialista da colonia portuguesa em muitas partes da Africa, aindo foi muito util quendo estive na Angola para estudiar os efeitos do conflito civil que ai aconteceu.

    A Africa e so uma

    O Puma

  • I have been comparing Marion Barry to Blagojevich for weeks now. I think that comparing Barry to Blago makes a lot more sense than comparing him to an African dictator.

    I agree that despite the fact they’re both corrupt the main issue is that one is a black African and the other is a black American.

    Let’s stick to US examples and right now Blago is a better comparison with no racial overtones.

  • Blago, while incredibly corrupt, didn’t run Illinois into the ground. Barry and Mobutu both ran their respective corrupt “kingdoms” into dysfunction and poverty. a Barry/Mobutu (or Barry/Mugabe) comparison is better.

  • El Pumo, you should have quit while you were ahead. Mobutu “was”, not “is;” he died in 1997. The country he ran was called Zaire under his regime; it’s been the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1997.

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