Climate Posters Go Up in Adams Morgan

DSCN6603, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for the heads up. It’s located in the alley across the street from Tryst.

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  • Just as some background… These are promoting the Capitol Climate Action taking place on March 2. You can learn more at

  • I could not be happier about the rise of this kind of street art in the city. very cool.

  • Note that most of you are looking at this site due to coal power. Ahh the irony.

  • I love the co-opting [I guess ‘hopejacking’ is the new term] of Gandhi’s image for something so totally unrelated to him. It’s like a “Gandhi Approved” seal.

    Cool art? Yes. But I’m sure DPW will have power-washers to it within the week.

  • Good point. It’s amusing to see all of the so-called “environmentalists” jumping on the Coal Is Evil bandwagon. Instead of putting resources to work developing clean coal technology that will support our energy needs and economy, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil like President Obama has endorsed, let’s put up some posters. I’ll bet whoever installed these posters hauled them there in a big, polluting van.

  • Clean coal is a farce – mostly because the coal industry doesn’t really care about it. Use Natural Gas – it burns cleanly and is domestic.

  • There’s no such thing as clean coal.

  • just thirding the comments about clean coal. who cares what president obama says about it? he has to suck up to the mining industry to get elected.

  • Wrong. Where do you read this stuff?

  • This is all quite amusing. I’ve done my research and there are virtually equal amounts of misinformation on both sides of the clean coal debate. But anyone who thinks that coal mining and electricity produced by coal in this country are going away anytime soon, then you’ve got another thing coming.

  • Not to be a prude, but I object to the phallic smokestack imagery next to a picture of Gandhi

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