Capturing Sweet City Signs


At first glance it’s not the greatest sign. But if you take a closer look you’ll see that “Wing King” is trademarked. Fantastic! Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever asked where are the best wings in town?

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  • Sticky Rice’s wings are extra crispy and pretty awesome.

  • actually. Tonic in MTP has some pretty damn good wings. but I would not advise getting anything else there except for the tots. (maybe one day they will get some sit-down restaurant competition and actually have to up their game to be patronized? please? god? you there? no? whats that? itll be a cold day in hell before MTP gets a decent sit down restaurant? huh? walk to adams morgan? ok. thanks god. good talk)

  • I hate chains as much as the next guy. but I was really looking forward to the WOW Wingery coming to DCUSA. saw their website and they had a lot of flavors. too bad it didnt pan out.

  • @anon 4:29 WOW has a pretty broad delivery area, though as with most places, it’s wildly inconsistent. But I’ve had wings delivered my friends’ place on Sherman Circle in the past.

    I like Post Pub for wings. And quiet afternoons drinking alone.

  • There’s a WOW over in Brookland…man that stuff is good. Also if you like spicey that is the place to be.

  • Damn Nichole, the Post Pub? Really? Haven’t been to that spot since I was a dirt-bag bicycle courier back in the day. Thanks for bringing back the memories of the [wasted] early afternoons contemplating the demise of my job due to the [then cutting edge] fax machine and internet.

  • I didnt know there was a WOW in brookland. Ill have to check it out

  • I dunno for wings, but Post Pub can’t pour a Guinness to save its wretched life.

  • I have to recommend 15 cent wings at Big Hunt TONITE! (and every Tuesday night). The wings aren’t the crispy variety, but they are big, cheap, and spicy as all hell. Good times.

  • Stoney’s has pretty good wings!

  • This convenience store is on 14th Street up north and has a good beer selection – don’t know about the wings, but happy for good beer to go.

  • Black Squirrel over in Adams Morgan might have the best wings I’ve tried in DC. Good Flavor, Grilled after for an extra crisp, but still saucy. Damn delicious. I think I just made myself hungry. Oh yeah, the Liters of Hofbrau do not hurt my case either.

  • WOW delivers to Columbia Heights (14th and Euclid). I couldn’t believe it when I ordered. Came in 30 minutes. Awesome!

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