Capturing City Signs Before They Vanish Forever


If you look closely you can see a faded sign that says “Upholstering Cabinet Making”. That is fairly simple in and of itself but the fact that this shot is from 18th Street in Adams Morgan made me stop and think what 18th Street must’ve been like way back in the day.

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  • how long has that old DCCD building been vacant anyway? 4years? Are the owners just asking an arm and a leg or what. I mean it IS prime realestate. Ill never understand the point of overasking for rent or sale. the cost to keep it vacant just paying taxes on it while not bringing anything in cant possibly be as cost effective as lowering your price to whats really market value.

  • The guy who owns Madam’s Organ owns this place and hasn’t done anything with it. What a shame.

  • no more too it than that? If he knows how to run abar why not open another one? Call it Madams Mammories

  • short story here—the owner of madam’s organ wanted to turn the building into a new orleans-styled bar, but the historic preservation folk turned down his designs for less-than-solid reasons.

  • typical dc. if nimbys dont ruin something. its the hitoric preservation assholes

  • Actually IMGoph you are only partly correctly…Duggan, always one for fight, owned the property and the liquor license long before the area where it’s located became a historic district. Duggan waited until after the historic district became a reality to submit his plans. The Adams Morgan ANC supported every set of plans he presented (so you can’t blame the NIMBY’s for this one Anon 6:30 p.m.), and HPRB supported most of what he was proposing. The only thing, they didn’t support was adding balconies and iron railings to the front of the building…HPRB was perfectly supportive of the railings and balconies being added to side of the building….

    Several others have sense offered to purchase the building and license from Duggan, most recently a high-end soul food place from NYC, but Duggan as refused.

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