Author George Pelecanos Makes The Mt. P Heritage Trail

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Ok, I have a new goal in life. Around the year 2050 I want PoP on a future Petworth Heritage trail. I promise I’ll supply some sweet old school photos…


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  • I’d be a George Pelecanos groupie if I could. When I heard him read at Politics and Proses, it was packed. He’s one of my favorite authors, and I’m usually too much of a snob to read what the french call policiers. Again, I point out here that one of his character’s office is located near my Petworth house!!

  • I’ve only read one book of his — “The Night Gardener.” It made me anxious to read more; he’s great.

  • Congrats to George P. He’s the best.

  • you are spending a lot of time in my neck of the woods POP. thinking of moving to MTP?

  • saf

    He is also quoted on the Brightwood Heritage Trail, sign 14, located on the west side of Georgia just below Quackenbos. No picture of him, but there is a picture of Mr Deoudes and Greco the dog, immortalized in “Hard Revolution.” Yes, Greco and the Deoudes family were real!

  • I have a feeling he is getting a laugh out of this and shaking his head.

  • The Deoudes family were more than real! I tend to equate them as just under the Pedases for important Greek families in DC.

    At the risk of raising the ire of anonymous posters, I knew the Deoudes family quite well and would go to Greek church bazaars with them and their cousins throughout the 1970s.

    Their family and their relationship to DC bars via cigarette vending is one of the many many intertwining stories of DC.

    Go ahead and bust me for living here as long as I have, I can take it.

  • My mom and I went to hear him at Politics and Prose when “The Night Gardener” first came out. I just finished reading it. It’s a very good crime novel and most of the activity takes place in and around the community garden on Oglethorpe. Pelecanos uses DC like another character in his plots and he knows it well.

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