Are You Sitting Down? I Hope You’re Sitting Down, Cause This is Some Seriously Sweet Scuttlebutt

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Of course, as with all scuttlebutt, the following is not 100% confirmed. This comes from a very trusted source and I’m going to standby my record of previous scuttlebutt that has turned out to be true. Ok, you ready?

The folks behind the highly successful restaurant/bar, Marvin’s, located on 14th Street just north of U, are planing to open up another spot. In Petworth!!! I wasn’t able to confirm the exact location but suffice it to say it will be near the metro (not in the Park Place building above the metro). But likely on Georgia Avenue.

Given that this is still in the scuttlebutt phase I don’t want to get too excited but I’ll say I’m super optimistic about the prospects. Now, I know some folks are going to say that it is too expensive. And believe me, I’m an aspiring full time blogger that will surely be eating a lot of ramen noodles when it opens but I still think this is a phenomenal addition to Petworth. If you told me a place like this would open up on Georgia Ave in Petworth 5 years ago, I would’ve looked at you like you were absolutely crazy. Now, it makes perfect sense to me. This is going to be a great sit down dining option and bar that will surely signal Georgia Ave’s return to greatness. Ok, great, now I’m crying. Tears of joy but still…

Update:  I can now say the location is 3815 Georgia Avenue, NW.

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  • I said it before and I will say it again. The park place development above the metro is going to be the catalyst to completely overhaul the nieghborhood. There are a couple of nice shops in that area, but do you really think they would be coming there without Park Place?

    If you dont own real estate in Petworth now, you will regret it very soon.

  • its all so exciting!!

  • Please please let this be true. Georgia Ave. between Kenyon St. and the metro seems like the perfect stretch. Already have Looking Glass, soon to have the Meeting House, this would make a great trio of restaurant / bars anchoring that area. There certainly is plenty of cheap, vacant retail space around there …

  • If you can get any more details about possible cuisine, prospective opening schedule, location, atmosphere, etc., that would rock. Georgia Ave. is definitely ready to explode once the metro development is completed. It would be nice if the senior center could get back on track as well but who knows if that will ever happen. Also wish the city would do its part and get going with the great streets program, which appears to be interminably delayed. Improving pedestrian movement / access and lighting as well as public space would go a long way to making that stretch more inviting.

  • I think they’d have to make a few modifications to their business model for it to work in Petworth.

  • what NAB said. 8 dollar pints of stella and hoegarden. will that fly in petworth??? also in scuttlebutt. does anyone know what pizza place is opening on mtp street? a freind said they saw a pizzaria sign going up on one of the vacant places. im guessing itll be crap. but a man can dream can’t he. please dont be a seafood and things. please dont be a seafood and things. let it be petes opening a satellite sit down restaurant. PLEASE

  • Or how about one single place in all of D.C. to get a basic, good slice of New York style pizza, available by the slice. Seriously, just one. Is that too much to ask?

    I’d imagine Marvin.2 could have a cheaper model in Petworth considering rents on Georgia Ave. are nowhere NEAR what they are on a prominent corner of U Street …

  • It’s Marvin, not “Marvin’s.”

  • That is good news. I will remain cautiously optimistic.

    PoP – as a cash strapped full time blogger, you could always rely on the charity of your posters. Start a feature – treat PoP to dinner night.

  • i’m not so sure that $8 pints wouldn’t fly in petworth – have you checked out the price of pints at t-hall, red rocks, and the red derby. they’re only a dollar or so less at those joints and they’re doing well.

  • I can get a 2 dollar pbr or shlitz at red derby though. and 8 bucks for a craft beer with 9 percent alc is one thing. 8 bucks for stella. thats a whole different story.

  • re: pizza in mtp. I saw the sign last night. says Angelico. Isnt there one of those in Tenley Town? Doubt its anything to get exited about but hey they probably wont serve alcohol so the nimbys wont protest it or bully it into an UNvoluntary agreement. I think its funny if this is the same place in Tenley as Tenley is a lot like MTP for its prime location but stalled development due in part to Nimby Activism. Perhaps it is Angelicos model to locate in neighborhoods like this.

  • I suppose there’s always a market for poorly prepared, watered down $12 cocktails and overpriced fried chicken. I’ll stick with The Gibson, thank you.

  • Glover Park was a lot like MTP and Tenley both but has recently had a huge turn over of businesses for the better. From what I hear this is because the neighborhood got together and agreed to be more lax about liqour licenses and to overall tone down nonsense opposition and make the neighborhood a welcome place to invest. This is why (i just found this out and am very excited) ROCKLANDS NOW HAS BEER. yes. thats right. you can finally have a beer with your pulled pork. If Mount Pleasant got together and did the same thing. Drowning out the voices of the vocal minority who like to powertrip on the mtp strip. We could really get some decent sit down places in Mount Pleasant.

  • Great News! – especially since when you said “sit down” and had a photo of the awesome pine tree in the circle. I thought you were going to say it was going to be cut down. That Tree rocks almost more than a Marvin on GA. Ave.

  • Not sure. Scuttlebutt was that they were going to open up on Columbia Rd. in AM in the old fabric/sewing store near the shwarma place…

  • Great news indeed! Having said that, I was expecting something even better after reading the first few lines of this post.. was slightly let down by it being “just” another restaurant. 😀

    Obviously they’ll adjust the concept to the area, so its useless to complain about Marvin being too expensive for Georgia Ave..

  • a marvins in petworth? oh great, this is going to ruin the old feel of the neighborhood. whats next? a walmart?*

    *warning – this comment is intended as sarcasm

  • Adams Morgan- You heard Marvin was opening in the old Fabric Store? I love that space. Has a nice retro facade. But kind of small. Hope something cool opens there and the old theater by the CVS. That stretch of Columbia is poised for some revitalization. Its got a ton of foot traffic and with the renovation of the huge apratment building across the street. the argone? That whole stretch of columbia is now populated by the disposable income set.

  • Any guesses on location?

  • There’s going to be an Angelico?! Nothing to get excited about??? Angelico’s has some of the best gourmet pizza around. Its delicious. And the one in Fairfax delivers. If this one does too, it will completely solve all pizza delivery issues in the area.

  • Divine- its pretty good. but I dont know if gourmet is really a fitting title. sure as hell beats Radius though. No offense to New2CH up above but. NY pizza just isnt good. Not in NY and not here. This town has a higher standard for food. thats why NY pizza doesnt fly here and never will. Its gotta be brick oven, neopolitan, and petes has won me over for new haven. Match Box- Paridiso. 2amys. there is a LOT of good pizza in this town. and thats because it ISNT ny style.

  • yes. yes. please.

  • “This town has a higher standard for food.”

    hahahahahhahahaha. Seriously, though.

  • Rumor has it that they’re going to replace the Georgia Ave. Wendy’s with an asian fusion restaurant and a wine bar!!

  • haha, good one Maxwell. Are those numbers one and two on the list of “stuff white people like”? If not, they should be.

  • im gonna agree about ny pizza. sure there are fancy restaurants in nyc. but those are for the rich people and the young and trust fundy. The common folk that rave about the cardboard inspired pizza never eat at such places and so they arent comparing the pizza to that. I lived in NYC for 2 years. and I tried a ton of pizza places. each time I thought I had just stumbled on a bad one. but after trying way too many for my own good. it dawned on me. that its just a thing for the unrich to own in NYC. almost because they know they will never get to eat at all those lavish Craft joints or Momofukos. The pizza is theirs and thats why its good. not because it tastes good. but because its theirs. and its 1.99 a slice. 79 cents for a garlic knot.

  • The Eatmore friend chicken and the bldg next door would be a good spot. It is a stone’s throw from the metro. Directly across from the Park Place bldg. And both of those bldg’s are for sale. I was going to buy the old watch repair building.

  • Anon at 10:19, most ridiculous comment ever on this blog. And anon at 10:52, ever been to Joe’s in the Village? I would give up a toe to have Joe’s magically transported to D.C. …

  • By the way, Momofuku is a hell of a lot cheaper than your average Penn Quarter sit down restaurant. And it goes without saying, a hell of a lot better.

  • new2ch- momofuko is cheaper but impossible to get a reservation. Unless you buy one off someone. so add that to the price

  • There are three David Chang restaurants — only one is impossible to get a reservation at (that is the pricey one with only 13 seats) — the saam and the noodle Momofukus are both affordable and accessible. But I am getting way off topic here.

  • is the place that i guess is opening in MTP in the old cheesesteak place? thought it was a pretty small space so I guess maybe just a couple tables and mostly take out-delivery. because petes doesnt deliver I guess this is a good thing. Beats all the other pizza delivery in dc for sure. This is good news for petworth and columbia heights for that reason. but. as a mount pleasant resident. A pizza delivery is not the kind of place the residents here are clamering for. There are a lot of townhouse dwelling families here that would LOVE a good sit down family friendly retaurant.

  • That sounds tasty! And the pastas look great as well. I hope you are right.

  • Not to chime in on a tangent pizza convo. but the fact remains dc has never liked NY Style pizza. and thats why its hard to find. Back in the day there was a NY style pizza place called maggies right next door to armands chicago style in tenley town. people joked about the age old rivalry playing out right there in tenley. Maggies went out of business. Chicago seems to do well here. Brick oven does well. but for whatever reason. people dont seem to clamour for NY. but you should ask yourself. does anyone outside of a new yorker?

  • speaking of NYC. whatever happened to the soup nazi? thats what we need in DC. some soup. That would make a good POP post “best soup” post. if it hasnt been done already

  • Angelico’s website confirms that they are opening anew location at 3205 Mt. Pleasant St.

  • Re: Anon 10:01 a.m. That’s the last we’d heard about the fabric store, but the for lease sign is still up, so who knows. Regarding that part of Columbia Road, you’re right, it is totally due as long as it doesn’t put out some of the good existing businesses (Combination, Super Tacos, etc.). Of note, that area does not fall within the restaurant/ tavern moratorium area so someone could totally put in a restaurant there.

  • Anon at 11:44 – not so much a soup nazi but we do now have ‘homemade’ soup available for delivery or pickup from soupergirl … neat idea, made from locally sourced produce and in my one experience trying it, was pretty good…

  • NY Pizza is highly overrated. I would argue that for $2/slice, very few places could make a good pizza. Their pizza sits all day. And if you order a pepperoni, they throw pepperoni’s on top and run it in the oven. The best NY pizza I have had was from Lombardi or Lombardo. Moroni’s (albeit pricey) beats most NYC pizza I have had. Paradiso and Matchbox are much better to me as well.

  • You guys are all nuts – NY pizza, specifically LI pizza, is awesome as well as cheap. In contrast, Chicago-style “pizza” is an abomination to this 100% Italian-American. 😉

  • Is soupgirl hot?

  • What is soupergirl? where is it. does it have a website???

  • Jeeez – this sounds like stupid arguments over BBQ. Everyone has likes and dislikes. I find that the different styles of pizza, like different styles of bbq, that is prepared well, with quality ingrediants as something to be appreciated.

  • Adams Morgan. so help me god if anything happens to super tacos I will move. If marvins didnt want that space maybe the neighborhood should take up a collection and help super tacos open a sit down place with cervesa there.

  • I find it odd that with all the people who want to open clubs and bars in adams morgan and curse the moratorium that nobody has jumped all over the old ontario theater building thats been vacant for months now. that place would be an amazing venue. Also I blame the salmonela safeway for a lot of that stretch of columbia rds problems. that should have been renovated years ago. Its a rundown understocked eyesore with a crap organic selection. But I guess its slated to be redone in the coming years…

  • What’s the comment about Momofuku is obviously better than the typcial Penn Quarter restaurant about? Some of the best restaurants in the city are there. If you’re referring to PQ/Chinatown as a whole- there is so much diversity I couldn’t figure out what would be typical. I hope Petworth gets this much needed establishment, because the typical Chinese food/wing joints plus three or four other restaurants just doesn’t cut it.

  • I could not agree more about supertacos, I’m hopelessly addicted…speaking of empty spaces, anyone know what the deal is with cafe de paris, on connecticut / calvert? it appears to have been abandoned for a while. for soup. it’s either pickup (from various locations around town) or delivery only…

  • I think supertacos will stand the test of a gentrifying neighborhood in the way bens survived u streets yuppification. this is because its just plain good. id love to be able to sit and have a beer with my huarache though.

  • I can understand why non-new yorkers don’t like NY-style pizza. Its simple really…people who are not from NY simply would not know a good slice of pizza if it hit them in the face. This is especially true for Chicagoans and Californians who seem very confused about what a pizza is suppose to look and taste like.

    Red Rocks, Paradisio, and Moroni & Bros make excellent food that I enjoy very much. However, I cannot, and will not, ever think of what they make at those places as “pizza” in the same way I think of NY-style pizza as “pizza”. I hope that makes some sense.

    P.S. I do believe it is NY-style pizza that gives the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles their strength, not Chicago, brick oven, or New Haven style. I think there is a lesson in that.

  • Gotta love NY snobbery/wannabeism

  • New Hampy: Not true… Red Derby offers good beers starting at $2 going up to $8 with tons of great stuff in between.

    Just saying. I am particularly a fan of what I call the mid range sweet spot. $4 beers are where its at!

  • Pizza — be it from NY, California, Chicago or Mississipi — is nasty. There, I said it.

  • Seriously. and using Jims post as evidence. I always thought the whole thing about NY pizza was just like an inside joke. Like that they knew it was terrible but they were in on it type thing. Tricking tourists into eating it. I mean look at how over the top ridiculous Jims post is. He knows its bad. He’s got to. also I have a ton of NYC friends and they NEVER eat the pizza. I mean they do eat pizza in nyc but they sure as hell dont eat the NY pizza. if you know what i mean.

  • Dudes, I didn’t think much of Angelico’s when I walked into it four years ago, but seriously, they have the best calzone I’ve ever had. My god it is fucking good.

    They also own Zella’s, a little spot in Hollin’s Market in West Baltimore. Nice shop.

  • You can all believe what you want, but you cannot deny the facts–it is NY-style pizza that gives the ninja turtles their “pizza power”.

  • Anon 1:23 – the problem with the Ontario Theater space is that it’s really small. Most of what was the theater is now the CVS. The luggage/crap store that was there [and that’s the only area currently for lease as afaik] was just the theater’s lobby.

    And yes, that Safeway has always kinda sucked. I thought I read somewhere they want to add a second story, expand, and buy out the 3 or four stores west on Columbia rd [Beauty Island, Citibank etc.] but I can’t remember when or where I heard that.

  • The toxic ooze must have ruined their taste buds

  • ontario- I see your point about the theater but im still clinging to a dream that the landlord will sell it and kick out the tennants so it could be put to better use. plenty of other places for CVS to open. Also. Last I heard and I too have no hard evidence. The safeway did own the properties next door and was planning on expanding in to them when they finally under go their renovations. eitherway. while Im sure redoing the store to look more like the City Safeway will double their business. in the meantime. would it kill them to expand their offerings. And Id love it if they released a date for work to begin to give me hope its actually gonna happen.

  • I echo Just J. Petworth is probably one of the best values in DC. It is the cheapest neighborhood left in NW. The location is great. It is sandwiched between three metros (Takoma/Petworth/Ft.Totten). Those three stations are heavily used with the Yellow going ot the airport, the green going to downtown as well as the red. 10 years from now PW home prices will likely be on par with CH. If not sooner.

  • I seem to recall someone in another thread had viewed the ontario theater space for lease and saying it was deceptively large. there is a second story included that is above the CVS. so its as much or more sq footage than the cvs. But I cant find the post that said that.

  • a Marvin in petworth may be cost effective due to cheaper rent. But I refuse to believe they will do as much business as if they opened in the space that Adams Morgan mentioned above. With a ton of apartment buildings on columbia rd housing young professionals. which we all know is thier target demographic. and only cheif ikes on that stretch there is definatly a need for a nicer bar there. And the fact that it isnt on 18th street would be a huge bonus to people that live in this neck of the woods and want to go out on friday and saturday but want to avoid the typical 18th street scene. Would also do very well on MTP for the same reasons.

  • While AM has more of their target demographics, the cost of doing business is likely so low in PW, that they will probably be in the black from Day 1. In PW, they will be the only game in town. Well it and LGL.

  • not sure Nate. While only a few blocks from 18th street the location on Columbia rd in question is still under served and while rent would be cheaper in petworth. the cost of building out the business would be the same. In addition. these places make a TON of money marking up beer and liquor. as noted in prior posts about 8 dollar Stella. do the math on what a Keg of Stella Costs. and how many Pints are in it. If they have to mark down their prices that could easily wipe out the difference in rents between the neighborhoods. And I’m not so sure that rents on that stretch of Columbia are that high. don’t get me wrong i think its good news for petworth that a competent group is going to open a worthwhile place. but I think it would be wise for them to change their approach if opening in petworth. Opening another Marvin spot in the same vein would most definitely be jumping the gun for the neighborhood. sure park place is almost done but lets be honest. that building is going to be half empty for a few years.

  • Around the time Marvin opened, I recall an interview with the partners where they indicated they wanted to open a reggae/beef turnover place. They were talking about that for U St., but perhaps this is what is going to Petworth? There is already stiff competition for that basic style of food, so maybe they changed their plan.

    I have no idea where I read that, so file that in the for what its worth folder.

  • Reggae / beef turnover sounds awesome, and actually something that could do well right now in the neighborhood — if priced right, might actually attract a pretty wide demographic which would be nice.

    As for the folks bashing NY Pizza, if you’ve tried Joe’s in the Village (first choice by far) or Lombardi’s (second) and still hate it, then I am not sure what to say. But just because you had a few bad ones, don’t be dissing the entire genre. I mean, there is no doubt bad Chinese to be had in NYC, but unlike DC, there is also top, top notch Chinese. Therein lies the difference.

    There actually is some pretty solid, basic, NY Style pizza in the nearby Maryland burbs (like Brothers and Mama Lucia, just basic, tasty solid pizza, nothing spectacular but thoroughly enjoyable), I just don’t get why it is impossible to find in DC.

  • new2ch- you have OFFICIALLY lost all cred. MAMA LUCIAS. that is pure barforoni. bleh. my god. NO.

  • It is unspectacular, but as just basic pizza, not brick oven, not chicago style, I have yet to have anything even unspectacular in D.C. proper (lot better than Radius, for example). If you have a suggestion, by all means, share it. Not suggesting it (or anything else in D.C.) can hold a candle to the GOOD NYC places — and not talking about Michael Scott’s definition here.

  • see now for me I always thought radius, while aweful, was very authentic NY pizza. more or less BECAUSE it was aweful. furthermore. when they opened Radius they went to NYC to be schooled on how to make a NY pie like they do in NY. This is a true story. ask anyoone that works there. unfortunately they succeeded. And thats why they are always empty. If they had ANY sense. they would change things up there. They prob cant build a brick oven in that space but perhaps they could just focus on individual pizzas with good local ingrediants. Otherwise why dont they just expand tonic into that space. (yes tonic also sucks but this is mount p were talking about and its the best thing going)

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