Another Bonus Album Cover

DSC01109, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This has been a great week for album covers! Thanks to a reader for sending this one in. The reader “picked it up at crooked beat.” Whatever happened to the genre of “background music”…?

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  • I wonder if it lives up to its name as good background music.

  • Ha. It depends on what you’re up to. Crookedbeat put a sticker on the plastic sleeve: “sounds like Fugazi”. The cover and the “sounds like Fugazi” sticker made me laugh out loud in the store. I need to stop buying stuff just because of the cover, but this one was worth it.

    (It does kind of sound like Fugazi.)

  • I’m glad to see that it is “Light and Lively” because and “Heavy and Somber” background music would be a drag.

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