A Note From The Owners of the New Restaurant, Social, Opening At The Corner of 14th and Meridian


As the Columbia Heights neighborhood persists as one of DC’s flourishing residential communities, we look forward to bringing you a unique new restaurant called Social, on the 14th Street Corridor. Situated on the southwest corner of 14th Street and Meridian Place, NW, Social will reside in a newly redeveloped property, once a rundown vacant building.


Part restaurant and part living room, it is the perfect neighborhood venue for any occasion. To create an unrushed and comfortable environment, Social does not take reservations and does not require you commit to your whole meal in one order. Shareable menu items are featured in three different sizes starting at eight dollars, allowing the guest to mix and match in any combination. The plates are as interesting as the beverage selection. We are confident that Social will be a welcome addition to Columbia Heights. Social will be open seven nights a week and Saturdays and Sundays for brunch.


Diners and critics alike will look forward to items like the Short Rib Sloppy “Joe” Sliders with Port Reduction or the Jumbo Shrimp with Cajun Cocktail Sauce. Brunch lovers will truly revel in the European style brunch offering and a “Bloody Mary” menu featuring international, versions of the traditional.


The décor is more reminiscent of a District residence than that of a formal restaurant. The residential feel of the “cellar” and “family room” featuring furnishings from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, is a refreshing change from the overly prevalent modern martini bar and white table cloth restaurant.


Partners AJ Guy, Scott Hammons and Tim Korzep have history with successful hospitality projects making their venture a likely combination. Their combined experience in operations and development includes Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Houston’s Restaurants and the Ian Schrager Company providing the team with a wealth of hospitality knowledge.

We look forward to hosting you and yours!

Kind regards,

AJ, Scott and Tim”

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  • Plates START at $8?? Yikes. If a dab of hummus meant for two people is $8, (hummus always being the cheapest thing on any tapas-style menu) I guess that makes Social a “special occasions only” kind of place. Too bad.

  • saf

    Oh dear. Between the inappropriate quotation marks and the needlessly pretentious language, I think that we will persist as a group of Red Derby, Domku, Moroni, Fusion, El Limeno…. (you get the idea) patrons, rather than being overly prevalent at Social.

    Let us hope that future press releases are written in English, with an eye toward being as welcoming as they seem to want to be.

  • any vegan options gonna be available at this joint?

  • Can’t wait for this place….it’s only a block away! When will doors open?

  • Sounds a little like Tryst, no? Maybe a little more expensive?

  • Sloppy “Joe” with a port reduction???

  • honestly it doesnt sound like my scene per se. But I will say that im a fan of houstons. The food is good anyway. I just think they should read my comment here and be warned. there is no need to go too classy here. Too classy and you will likely turn off most of the type of people who reside. here. make it a true neighborhood place with a good happy hour though. and im there every night I step off the metro.

  • Looks and sounds intriguing. Either it’s going to be really cool or a place everyone goes to once. Any idea when it is opening? Tivoli North has needed this for a long time.

  • does not sound like tryst. it would prob do better if it was more of a giant tryst. I think this could do well but more with like a Laureal Plaza set than a people who live here set. though perhaps thats becoming one in the same as time marches on…

  • I read family room, comfortable, and informal. I’m betting it will be more like my parent’s house… Cellar? Is that the basement? I can hang out in the basement? I haven’t done that since high school. Good for Tivoli North!
    I agree MandarinZazz:
    Any idea when it is opening? Tivoli North has needed this for a long time.

  • What’s the deal with the skepticism people?

    If you recall, before they guys decided to take a risk on a new restaurant in a crappy market, this place was a rundown eyesore, that added nothing to the neighborhood.

    I wish them the best of luck as they finish construction!

  • i wish them best of luck, too, but there are so many overpriced, underwhelming restaurants in this city, i just can’t get too excited anymore

  • Let the place open first and then make comments as necessary. I think it’s great for people to even think about opening a business in this state of the economy. Kudos to the owners. Sounds like a lovely place, can’t wait to hear more.

  • I think it’s so funny how people are lamenting over a new place to hang out in the neighborhood, I am excited. I cannot explain how sick I am of the Heights and Commonwealth. What’s the big deal? Give it a shot. Go back if you like it. Don’t be a negative Nancy.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    W00T! W00T! sounds great. love that they’ll be open every evening + weekend brunchers and located so close to my crib! I can totally sk8 board over and hang with my homies there. It’ll certainly be a great hangout spot/meeting place! a great addition to the neighborhood mix! WELCOME GUYS!!!

  • Sounds awesome, and $8 is about as low as I have seen dishes at any of the other area Red Derby, Domku, Moroni, Fusion, El Limeno, temperance hall places. Good luck, and bloody mary bar sounds amazing!!

  • Bloody Marys sound awesome. I cannot wait for them to open, brunch is my favorite meal of all time!

  • this is not a trader joe’s or a kite store, therefore, it is bad

  • Hey Prince! How’d you get this sweet scoop? Are these guys neighborhood people? Do you know them? Want more info on the owners!

  • I’m concerned that if people keep using Tivoli North, even as a joke, it might accidentally stick.

  • I suspect Anon 3:55 and 3:58, JnDC 4:02, and FoddieGurl 4:05 are the same person. Way too much enthusiasm and too many exclamation points.

  • I suspect Anon 3:55 and 3:58, JnDC 4:02, and FoddieGurl 4:05 are the same person. Way too much enthusiasm and too many exclamation points.

  • Since when is $8 overpriced? Even a McDonald’s meal will cost that much. Some people are so stingy that nothing is cheap enough I guess. I personally can’t wait for this place to open. It sounds great.

  • you know you are spoiled with choices when you complain before something even opens. looking forward to that stage in my own neighborhood…? yes.

  • Hmmmm- you could be right but I doubt it. people really DO get this excited about gentrification in dc. they dont feel the need to question it. any and all gentrification is good news!. yippieeeee. they were probably this excited when rumbreros opened. lol. bleh!

  • stacey- what mcdonalds are you eating at? or rather what meal are you getting. cuase you are either fat. or are getting gipped.

  • E- I completely agree. Please, people, do not use Tivoli North. I might really go insane.

    Also, completely agree with sick of Commonwealth/Heights. Especially Commonwealth, as they are overpriced and not tasty. At least Heights has a fantastic happy hour with good food. Even so, I’m looking forward to the opening so that there’s another option!

  • I believe that the owners are coming to NCHC tonight.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Can you leave the meeting info for the NCHC?

  • This place sounds great! A unique addition to the neighborhood….I’m looking forward to it! Also, I agree with the previous post and I think people should wait before passing negative judgment. Anyone who is willing to take a risk in these economic times and bring a decent business to our neighborhood should be welcomed before judged!

  • sounds like a great new place and a cool space to hang out it.
    sloppy joe sliders? Those sound fun. And the $8 for a plate you can doesnt merit a “yikes”; the press release made no mention of this $8 plate being hummus. It can be a decently sized meat dish for all you know. Wait to hate!

  • “Jumbo Shrimp with Cajun Cocktail Sauce” sounds like something you’d find on a menu at next to “Parisian French Fries” in some bland restaurant chain…

    “Their combined experience in operations and development includes […] Houston’s Restaurants.”


    What? None of the principals ever worked the grill at Applebees?

  • NCHC
    7 PM at Park Triangle Community Center

  • man, i wish i could edit my posts; that last one makes no sense; sorry!

  • Sounds great to me. I’ll reserve judgement until its done and open and has been running for a few months.

    A part of it might be like Tryst. Gasp and horror. Look, I don’t particularly like Tryst, but many people do, and I have no issue with that. Does not reduce the quality of my life that much. Live and let die.. or whatever the saying is.

    The only sad thing is that they did not preserve the Bible Store sign. Would have been a much more fun name for the place.. ahh.. nothing more fun than pissing of bible people.

  • $8.00 is fantastic if it’s the highest priced item they sell..Not so much if it’s the lowest.

  • Meeting info is here, owners will indeed be there …


  • it’ll be great having something like this in Tivoli North… lol

  • I live on that block. Quite a contrast to the Johnny’s across the street… Anyways, I shall reserve the right to hate, but first, as was suggested, I shall wait!

    By the way, what’s the deal with the funeral home renovation? They have entombed the old run-down house in cinderblocks! It reminds of the Poe story, “Cask of Amontillado.”

  • Not only that, they entombed it and then stopped working on it… grr… hopefully their business picks up (hmm.. not sure if that was proper) and they get funds to at least finish it.

  • where is Tivoli North? is that the neighborhood between Columbia Heights and 16th Street Heights?

  • Sounds like a nice addition to me! Still perplexed at how people expect made-from scratch, tasty, quality food and good service for the same prices they’d pay at a mega-chain restaurant. Restaurants aren’t subsidized school cafeterias and they’re not meant to be your sole source of food. Cook at home if you want to save money. You get what you pay for!

  • Tivoli North is in Copenhagen, bordering Tivoliland.

    (a little more confusion can’t hurt)

  • So is there a Tivoli South?????

  • Some of what I hear are haters. Why don’t people have an open mind or at least give some constructive criticism? If people want the neighborhood to come up, they should embrace any new business that comes into the neighborhood it will only spur more business; make the neighborhood nicer and safer; and, raise property values. You may not want to frequent the place regularly or at all, but you should at least try to wish them well. They are at least coming to the community for input and not just thrusting something upon the neighborhood. That at least should earn some respect.

    Also, I read English, French, Arabic and Spanish. The press release was in English, saf. Let’s try to stay on point and not be insulting of a place that you have not seen or people whom you have not met. We all have our favorite bars in DC, and we all suffer from the “My bar is the best bar in the world, and every place else sucks” syndrome but many of us do not go to the same bars that we went to 10, 5, 3, or even one year ago. Our tastes change as we mature. Columbia Heights’ taste will mature as well. There is room for another place in Columbia Heights and i for one welcome the added diversity that Social will bring.

  • If the plates start at $8, and come in three sizes, it seems logical to me that the $8 option is going to be a teeny snack, suitable for one or two people to nibble on, but that it won’t really feed you. The statement about patrons not committing to a whole order at one time makes me think that one plate ain’t gonna do it, and they’re counting on folks continuing to order over the course of the evening. Similarly styled menus, such as Zaytinya, count on you ordering at least 3-4 plates per person to make up a light meal. So we’re looking at a minimum of $30 for a smallish meal. Add drinks, and yeah, it’s a little pricey.

    But the point about waiting to hate is well taken. No matter my initial reservations, I can guarantee that I’ll be one of the first people through the door.

  • The presentation at tonight’s meeting was great. These guys are very experienced in the industry and are very enthusiastic about having a true neighborhood spot, with high quality food and booze and a relaxed, community atmosphere. They emphasized that it would be reasonable, but in any event, I’d rather pay an extra buck or two for actual quality. I mean, The Heights is reasonable but the food is blahhh, uninteresting, and just mediocre — the last thing we need is another half-assed but affordable mediocrity. I’d rather they spring for better ingredients and put more time into preparation, as better to go once a month to a pricier place than never to a an uninspired one. In any event, this is not going to break the bank, they understand the demographics, and are very enthusiastic about responding to community feedback. Should be a real asset to the District Never Known as Tivoli North, and between them and Allegro, foot traffic should be up dramatically in the area.

  • more details forthcoming btw in the meeting minutes once they are drafted

  • If you think Commonwealth is “overpriced and not tasty” you’re probably not ordering right. Do yourself a favor and try the roasted bone marrow or the headcheese instead of the insipid burger.

  • saf

    “The press release was in English”

    Well, yes. Badly written, incorrectly punctuated, pretentious English, but yet, English.

    “Let’s try to stay on point and not be insulting of a place that you have not seen or people whom you have not met.”

    Whenever you send out a press release (as they did) you are asking for people to talk about it. My reaction to that press release is – well, you saw it above. But it’s getting them talked about, and as such, is accomplishing the main objective of a press release. I’m not insulting either the place or the people. I am insulting the press release.

  • All I know is, every Kimpton or Schrager location I have ever visited has been original and relaxed with a cool as hell sense of design…and those are pretty awesome creds for new business owners in Columbia Heights as far as I’m concerned!

  • I agree, if Kimpton and Ian Schraeger people are involved they must know what they are doing. Houston’s is pretty successful too, in it’s own right. Maybe they can contribute to the economic development and safety of the neighborhood that certainly would not upset me, if even if it turns out that I don’t care for the food.

  • Looks like a really big space, can’t wait to see how they use it. Wouldn’t anyone jump at the chance to open a business in such a big space where you can have different environments (lounge, cafe, restaurant, others)? Looking forward to it!

  • I love how people complain ad nauseam about price for these new places (Social, Room 11, etc) but then when cheap fast food shows up (Panda, etc), the complaints show up again. Social isnt going to be a bar with chicken fingers and potato skins, nor should it be priced like that. It’s going to have creative, thought out dishes, bringing influences from all over the world. Sometimes you have to pay for quality.

  • I have no problem with fancy new eateries. I won’t go either but that’s not the point. I do have a problem with the lack of design review in the city. This building could have been a decent historic renovation but instead we have the same nonsense that is going on over on 11th Street at the old buyrite store. The mock mansard roof and partial federal cornice are ridiculous with the rest of the facade. Whoever did it doesn’t understand either history or modernity. Sadly whatever developers come up with…as long as it meets the (out-of-date) zoming ordinance…is accepted. I would be happy to donate my professional time to writing a set of decent design guidelines for Columbia heights, but then again, OP wouldn’t know how to use them anyway. I know some of you are thinking “it looks better than a boarded up Christian Book Store.” That’s not the point either. When funds are spent on renovation the result should have something to do with the original and add to the overall sense of place.

  • This sounds like the kind of place I may want to hang out at on a regular basis. Or a place I want to bring out-of towner friends to. to relax and enjoy. Probably worth a taxi ride or train ride as nothing in my neck compares to what this plan sounds like. We have gone to different city brunch stops for years. I just had a special sensation like I was outside at this place, on a warm, sunny Sunday morning, sipping on a cold, special Bloody Mary, hoping some cute ladies show up on the scene. If the neighborhood does not use it, my friends and I will. Save me a seat at the bar or outside.

  • I’m looking forward to checking this place out. From what I’ve read about it, I suspect it will go over well here based on the laid back lay out. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the “living room”, hopefully a relaxing change from the usual dive bar or yuppie tapas restaurant. The $8 dollar starting price is a bit high, seeing as they want to become a neighborhood ‘hang-out’. Judging by the proprietors’ diverse experience, I would hope hummus isn’t their starting dish.

    – – –
    Saf, I recommend you not critique the grammatical appropriateness of their press release. Their quotations are correct, in that they signify the titles of the rooms, and “Joe” refers the title of the item. For example, Hotel X’s “Relaxation Lounge” or Restaurant Y’s “Big James” Sirloin Burger, etc. They did, however, misuse a comma in the “Bloody Mary” sentence.

    You incorrectly used an ellipsis in your posting, not to mention the run-on sentence concluding with an inappropriately placed item in parenthesis. Maybe you should follow your own advice on your next posting to ensure they are, “… written in English”. I teach two English writing courses and a French language course. If you were one of my students, you would have earned yourself a “C+”.

    In your defense, I believe that their press release changed styles from conversational to professional, which can be uncomfortable to technical readers.

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