16th Street Closed Due To Fire

Fire Engine at Watergate, originally uploaded by Vicki’s Pics.

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“16th St. NW is closed between Florida Ave. and Euclid St. due to a working fire at 2440 16th St. NW.”

If anyone snapped a photo please send to [email protected] or upload it to the  PoPville flickr pool here.


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  • Oh no, that’s the historic Park Tower condominium building. I hope the damage is minor and everyone’s OK. It’s a beautiful art deco building.

  • I’m so glad you posted about this. I live just down the street near 16th and V and saw 16th St shut down north of me. I first noticed the shut down at around 3pm and it was still closed when I got back from yoga at 5:30.

    There was an official DC vehicle parked at the 16th and northbound bus stop that seemed to be stopping buses heading north on 16th street and perhaps redirecting them. I thought about knocking on the window of the vehicle and asking what was going on, but then I decided that I’d just hear about it later.

    It’s so frustrating that I can’t find any information about this on the WP website. I guess that just speaks to the gap in “hyper” local coverage in traditional media outlets. I’m glad that the blogging community is attempting to fill some of this gap. Does anyone have any ideas about where else I might find information about this?


  • From DCist:

    A fire broke out in a third-floor residence in the Park Towers apartment building at 2440 16th Street NW. The District of Columbia Fire Department was able to put out the fire by approximately 3 p.m. this afternoon, before it spread to any other units. No one was injured. One DCFD firefighter said that the burned unit was rendered “untenable.” A DCFD investigator had not yet determined the cause of the fire by the time the story went to print. No smoke or other evidence of the fire was visible from the street, though one window appeared to be shattered and sealed over with plastic. Traffic on 16th Street piled up as fire engines and squad cars blocked off the southbound lane between Euclid and Florida along Malcolm X Park.

  • Thanks Mr. T!

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