We Are One Concert – Amazing!

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Not sure how many folks made it to the concert. I originally intended to go down to the concert at 10:00 am but after closing the previous evening at Ben’s Next Door at 4:00 am that didn’t happen. So a few friends and I decided to cruise down at 1:30 and see if we could still get a spot. Amazingly we did! And I’m so glad we went. It was insanely crowded but filled with good vibes and of course good music. My favorite was U2 though I really enjoyed Jamie Foxx’s speech as well.  And let me say I never thought I’d be rocking out to Garth Brooks singing Shout…

For those who went who was your favorite performer? Anyone have any problems getting in?

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  • I got there at 1:30, too, and got in. Security just made me unzip my coat, but never checked my huge camera bag…???

  • We went down about noonish and made it pretty close to the front without any trouble. It was really fun. I thought it was going to suck at first because there were so many people and I was squeezed. However, once it started the crowd stopped trying to move forward and we were weren’t so smashed.

    I wish they had more jumbotrons but all in all it was really fun and I am glad I went.

  • Wasn’t it great!?! We got through security at 1:45, gate by WWII Memorial, and were pretty close to the front, along the reflecting pool. The line to security scared us for a while, it seemed like it could last an hour or so (and we’d miss the concert), but then realized it was actually they had it planned well and the volunteers were doing a great job, really smooth and efficient.

    Interesting to me how it played differently in the crowd than on TV. Garth Brooks totally brought the house down, like you said PoP! I think his act just worked with a huge crowd and bad sound (and U2 can grab a crowd like that, too) — the TV broadcast couldn’t catch how great that was. But it was really hard to understand the speakers and music was jumbled, with the lag between the speakers on the stage and on the jumbotrons.

    Won’t ever be an event like quite this again, so thrilled to have been there, can’t even say how much.

    And I loved seeing Washington Gay Men’s Choir sing My Country Tis of Thee! — and Pete Seeger, so cool.

  • Dear Friend, I would like to share a short video I made of some images I set to a song I wrote and sang entitled We Are One. It is about spreading peace and tolerance and ending racism and hunger. There are pictures of both regular people and some great leaders like John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and Bono. Please pass it along to your friends if you like it or leave a comment on You tube. There is a definite Irish flavor to the song even though I live in Chicago, my parents are both from Ireland. Thanks very much, Liza Flatley

    My email address is [email protected]
    Or you can go to you tube and just type in Liza Flatley

  • We Are One
    Can’t you feel the connection?
    I’m a part of you
    And you’re a part of me too
    We chose this journey
    I know it’s a challenging one
    But this is for our higher good
    And we shall overcome
    When we learn to live as one.

  • I got down there just after noon, and ended up quite close to the front (not even halfway back along the reflecting pool, for reference). Aside from the waiting two hours in the cold and crowd, it was AWESOME!!! Garth Brooks was definitely one of my highlights. Of course, never in my LIFE did I think I’d ever see Stevie Wonder. My FAVORITE, however, has to be U2. Unfortunately I had neglected to charge my camera batteries beforehand so all I have are a few lame pictures from the beginning. And I wish I could have gotten pictures of the people sitting on top of the porta-potties…totally would’ve put them on your flickr, PoP.

  • I was there around 11:30, security was a breeze (no waiting), and thanks to my friends who got there much earlier I was also close to the front. My fav – Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen singing “This Land is Your Land” (and watching Obama singing along!).

    The people on top of the porta-potties – Doo doo birds!

  • I’m one of the ones who got there hours early and got shuffled from one line to the next by “crowd control” who had absolutely no idea what was going on, and spent those hours watching streams of people pour past us into the concert venue…..and then got turned away. We were redirected to four different lines in that time–first to 19th street, then 17th, then back to 19th, then back to 17th, then to 23rd. At one point a “crowd control” person redirected us to 17th when we were ON 17th street.

    We ended up getting a decent view of the jumbotron near the Washington Monument, but my memories of the experience are definitely marred by the lack of organization on the part of the hosts. Have they never heard of walkie-talkies?

  • Garth Brooks and “Shout” was truly a weird experience with hundreds of thousands of people dancing together…Mary J Blige was excellent as well…Tom Hanks and that thing with the bald eagles not so much…but overall I was SO happy I made the spontaneous decision to walk down there…

  • Stacey, I had a similar experience. I made the last-minute decision at 12:30 to head down there. I was redirected to three different lines, then spent 45 minutes in a huge line that NEVER moved. I finally asked the cop/crowd control guy why we were in the only line not moving, and he told me it wasn’t a real line. I won’t tell you the illegal maneuver I made at that point, but let’s just say I got in and made it up quite close.
    The show was awesome. I am so glad I was there! I too thought Garth Brooks singing Shout was a completely bizarre experience. I think U2 got me the most pumped, but John Mellencamp rocked as well. I thought Sheryl Crowe was quite the entertainer too. Who am I kidding trying to decide, they were all great! Totally, completely worth the chaos!

  • Loved the Gay Men’s Chorus and Josh Groban!

  • But why so short? Stevie Wonder singing one song, and sharing time with Shakira and Usher, to boot? One shared, “This Land Is Your Land” by Pete Seeger, Springsteen? Why the rush? I’d like to blame the time crunch on the Hollywood blowhard speeches, but that wasn’t the issue. It was cool event, but considering that hundreds of thousands trekked miles and miles to get there, they could have provided a longer, more satisfying show.

  • Vonstallin

    Anonymous Says:
    January 19th, 2009 at 12:13 pm
    And I wish I could have gotten pictures of the people sitting on top of the porta-potties…totally would’ve put them on your flickr, PoP.
    I wish I would have got better pics of them on the porta potties b4 the cops made them get down.


  • Liked it all okay, but wouldn’t want to spend any time with Tom Hanks.

    “He liked ponies and snowflakes, and he said…”

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